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Could the Fourth will be an even far more sweeter occassion for Star Wars supporters that have some of these scarce movie game titles lying about the home. For those people that have not been pursuing the retro gaming market, modern decades have been a booming time for vintage games with some typical titles fetching eye-watering costs. The most high-priced retro online video video game at any time sold past yr, which was a pristine duplicate of Tremendous Mario Bros for the NES. A hardly ever-opened duplicate of the legendary 8-Little bit platformer offered for $2million, breaking a document set the thirty day period prior where by a new copy of Super Mario 64 bought for $1.56million at auction.

If you happen to be hoping some of the Star Wars game titles in your assortment will attain these heights then you may regrettably be upset.

But you nevertheless could have some hard to uncover retro Star Wars games that will considerably boost your financial institution account.

To enable you out, a record of scarce and highly-priced retro Star Wars video games can be observed on PriceCharting.

This website is an priceless software for retro match hunters as it tracks the selling prices of many online games and movie video game consoles in excess of time.

For anyone wanting to buy a retro gaming collectible, this helps make sure you will not shell out about the odds, and for those people on the lookout to offer the web page aids you get a good selling price for your retro gaming artefact.

1 of the most highly-priced Star Wars game titles you could have in your selection is the Japanese edition of SNES typical Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

If you just have the free cart on its possess you will be equipped to get virtually £300 for it (£296.83).

But if you have a new edition of this beloved Star Wars recreation you may be ready to promote it for more than £900.

Similarily, the Japanese variation of Star Wars: Empire Strikes back again for the Famicom (which is the Japanese NES) sells for a tidy sum too.

A model new duplicate can fetch more than £400.

In terms of much more more recent releases, the quality version of Star Wars Episode 1 Racer for the Nintendo Switch can provide for around £150 if you have a brand new duplicate.

When if you have a new version of the high quality version of Star Wars Shadows of the Empire for the Nintendo 64 you will be in a position to get a whopping £737.

You can obtain a list of rare and costly Star Wars online games down below. Mentioned are distinct charges for loose (i.e cart on its own), entire in box – which would include the match, box, manual and inserts – or brand new versions of the games.

Also, bear in intellect that relying on the area a activity was launched in (i.e Japan, The us, Europe) it may be well worth a lot more than versions of the very same game that hit cabinets in other nations around the world.

Uncommon AND Costly STAR WARS Online games

Star Wars Ewok Experience Prototype – Atari 2600 – Free selling price £408.39

Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – Super Famicom – Free value £296.83, finish in box price £353.43, new price tag £918.92

Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back again – Famicom – Free rate £114.95, entire in box price £136.20, new price tag £435.83

Star Wars Episode I: Racer [Premium Edition] – Nintendo Switch – Free price tag £103.79, total in box selling price £119.56, new price tag £155.42

Star Wars Rogue Squadron [Not for Resale] – Nintendo 64 – Loose price£100.50

Star Wars Episode I Racer [Not for Resale] – Nintendo 64 – Loose selling price £90.48

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy [Premium Edition] – Nintendo Swap – Loose selling price £90.42, complet in box price £104.15, new price tag £135.3

Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire [Premium Edition] – Nintendo 64 – Unfastened rate £75.31, comprehensive in box cost £237.82, new value £737.06

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy – Nintendo Switch – Loose selling price £70.87, total in box price tag £87.45, new cost £99.43

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast – PlayStation 4 – Free selling price £68.03, finish in box cost £76.46, new price £99.34

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast [Premium Edition] – PlayStation 4 – Loose value £67.34, entire in box rate £75.70, new selling price £97.02