Want to Get Into Retro Gaming? The Evercade VS Is The Console For You

Want to Get Into Retro Gaming? The Evercade VS Is The Console For You

Quite a few of us have knowledgeable older movie game titles vicariously by way of unique models of emulation and via more mature consoles as very well. But if you want a present day console that can enjoy the entire spectrum of games from the ‘80s to today, we advise the Evercade VS console.

In its place of remaining a modern system that emulates a distinct console of the past like Nintendo’s Basic Edition mini-consoles of the NES and SNES, the Evercade VS can play all types of video games from the Atari 2600, the Atari 7800, the Atari Lynx, the Intellivision, the NES, the SNES, and the Sega Genesis.

The Evercade VS home console builds on the good results of the previously introduced Evercade handheld gaming method by giving a full new way to knowledge retro gaming at house with above 280 online games on devoted actual physical cartridge collections.

Aside from making it possible for you to perform retro game titles that are upscaled for modern-day TVs, the Evercade VS also introduces a new dual cartridge process that permits two cartridges to be utilized in the console at the same time, growing the array of online games out there.

To relive some sofa co-op memories you might have experienced in your youth, the Evercade VS has regional multiplayer guidance, and if you missed the way CRT TVs utilised to search, the console also athletics many display modes to emulate more mature TVs.


As entertaining as it is to re-working experience basic video online games, the Evercade VS also will come loaded with contemporary conveniences that actually make factors far more enjoyment. These incorporate a fast conserve purpose for all online games, recreation updates by way of WiFi and a great deal extra.

Driving the Evercade VS lies a bespoke UI and hardware style and design with 4GB of onboard memory and a quality emulation run by a 1.5GHz quad-main CPU. The VS outputs game titles in 1080p and will come with its possess one of a kind controller not based mostly on any retro controller.

The Evercade VS supports four USB controllers through the front ports, allowing up to 4 gamers to participate in supported game titles. The console also supports non-Evercade VS controllers, including wireless dongles by using USB-A, and can be applied with the new controller mapping characteristic.

This Quality Pack features two controllers, as properly as the Technos Arcade 1 and the Data East Arcade 1 selection with 10 video games, for a overall of 18. If you need much more games, unique cartridges for older consoles as properly as new video games like Xeno Disaster and Tanglewood are obtainable as effectively.

These cartridges are absolutely compatible with all Evercade hardware, so you can get your saves with you on your handheld when you’re on the go, or choose them to a friend’s Evercade VS to defeat a tough manager with each other.

Check out out far more of the Evercade VS and its range of video games on its official website.