Top 5 Best Project Management Tools Software

Top 5 Best Project Management Tools Software

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Businesses deal with numerous activities and projects regularly because the trend is to produce successful initiatives. Eventually, more individuals will be involved in a business project. But without using project management tools, it will take a lot of time and effort to complete work properly.

With our top 5 best project management tools, you can help keep your organization in order while preparing and carrying out a project effectively and consistently.

What Are Project Planning Tools?

The best project management tools provide a variety of features for effective project tracking purposes. Some charts and graphs will measure how far the project is on. It has a specific tracker to prepare deliverables for various assigned individuals and tools to monitor repetitive and changing processes. This is in addition to the extra tools that help businesses manage and improve essential projects, which only the best project management software can offer.

Which Tools Are Used for Managing Projects?

Project management solutions assist in improving the entire process, increase team efficiency, and enable project implementation in less time, resulting in increased revenue. You may test this yourself by utilizing our top 5 best project management tools.

#1 has both premium and free project management tools, allowing you to effortlessly assign work and oversee what is essential to your team. Define project timelines, goals, and dependencies, as well as manage your team’s workload in one platform.


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Your team can use this tool to effortlessly interact with each other across all departments. It aims to obtain visibility into the progress of your work. Maintain alignment with a platform everyone can use to enable better project execution. Monday provides several ways to handle a single project. To make it more personalized, you can build your workflow to fit your team’s needs for each project, procedure, department, or client.

In particular, this project management tool allows you to design dashboards and monitor progress, schedules, and budgets at a glance. Reports can be easily performed from a high-level overview to the most minute detail. Use data tools to allocate and organize jobs intelligently, exchange files, and monitor who performs what task at any time. Aside from that, you can utilize ready-to-use Kanban layouts and Gantt charts or design your own to quickly get your agile team started.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Dashboard to track all your deliverables

  • Collaboration tools with teams to maintain project progress

  • Customization features to work on your terms

  • Integrates with other software solutions

  • Usable for different purposes, not just project management

  • Attaches files, documents, and other materials your team needs

#2 ClickUp

ClickUp is a free task management software that allows you to manage your work in one central location: tasks, documents, chat, goals, etc. Regarded as one of the best project management tools, you can organize, monitor, and oversee any work that you can adapt to the demands of your team.


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With real-time chat, you can collaborate more effectively as a team. Tag people or groups, add notes to action items, and connect activities to get more things done together. Stay on pace to meet your objectives by setting targets for work completion, statistics, monetary values, etc. With Goal Folders, you can track performance daily by tying tasks to goals and keeping your goals structured.

With 20+ actual views that adjust to your requirements, you can approach work from any perspective. Monitor tasks on a List, alter processes on a Board, and drag and drop deadlines on a Calendar, among other things.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Real-time dashboard to see how projects are progressing

  • Plan activities ahead and get a customizable visual on what’s about to be done

  • Collaborate with your team in real-time through chat, comments for action items, and up-to-date notifications

  • Track progress or add visual widgets for team members, tasks, statuses, etc.

  • Built for better teamwork and less hassle in project management

#3 Asana

From the smallest details to the broader picture, Asana assembles work so that your team can understand what to accomplish, why it matters, and how to do it. You can instantly invite your team to work together in one platform. Choose the project view that best matches your needs and collaborate from anywhere.


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With over 200 integrations, you can bring everything your team requires to communicate, coordinate, and organize work from beginning to end. Aside from that, Asana’s platform allows you to organize and assign tasks. Lists allow teams to know what they need to do immediately, which tasks are urgent, and when work is expected.

You can also examine how work evolves. Manage dependent, overlapping, and unplanned tasks. Develop reliable plans for your team. What makes it one of the best project management tools is that it makes it simple for your staff to concentrate on the work at hand with no distractions. Define each level of work to determine what is important and where problems could arise.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easily assign work and automate routines

  • Stay organized using the dashboard and other tools

  • Keep connected with each other through communication channels

  • 200+ integrations to simplify task management

  • 50+ project management templates that are customizable

#4 Jira Software

Suppose you want to break down enormous concepts into digestible bits across teams. Then, use user stories, problems, and tasks. This makes Jira a great tool for the job. Begin using ready-made templates, or start with the basics and tweak them as how they conform to your working style.

Secondly, if your team utilizes more than one app, Jira will sync with them. Jira can help you easily add tools from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Jira Software

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Jira Software, trusted by over 100,000 businesses, comes pre-loaded with the tools and best practices agile teams require to build and improve their processes. Scrum boards enable them to divide huge, complicated projects into smaller chunks of work, allowing teams to deliver output quicker.

Additionally, you can use roadmaps to keep your teams and organization on track. Full visibility provides teams the context they need to make swift choices while remaining focused on the broader picture. Jira Software’s out-of-the-box insights and analytics provide crucial understanding within the boundaries of your work to guarantee that your teams are always up-to-date and prepared for possible failure or success.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Integrations with other apps and solutions

  • Customize or use templates for an easy start

  • Comprehensive scrum boards for your projects and teams

  • Visibility across all progress and a road map

  • Generate reports and insights

  • Ideal for beginners and developers

#5 Vervo

Vervo is one of the leading personal and professional life management software. This project planning tool’s goal is not to transform people into faultless productivity machines but to offer space for personal and professional development without the need to detach from your focus. It was developed with a human-centric commitment and a strong mobile app to provide better task management on-the-go.


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In the age of mobile devices, Vervo knows the necessity of access to work while on the move, unlike conventional project management software. As a result, Vervo takes pride in constantly improving its world-class mobile app that is fully functional.

Key Features

  • Easily manage projects: Simplify project management with collaboration tools at the core and prioritize tasks with the tiniest details ranging from dynamic statuses to numerous assignees, custom post types, and more.

  • Maintain your goals: Maintain a consistent pace with every step by setting up milestones, tasks, notes, and more. So whether you’re planning on your next spending goal or attempting to establish your own business, Vervo offers a way to guide you through each step and remain on track.

  • Manage teams: Unlimited board and task collaboration, invitations, status updates, team conversations, and more will assist you in managing your team in accomplishing business projects.


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  • Oversee daily agenda: Keep things running smoothly as you go over your daily routines, deadlines, calendar events, and duties with a detailed schedule that you can check from your mobile device. For better viewing, this automatically updates across all of your devices.


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  • Spend less, do more: With all your bills and living expenditures, Vervo ensured that things are more affordable and cost-efficient. This project management tool is undeniably less expensive than alternative programs without losing quality. This is done on purpose so that you can have a life manager in your pocket without adding load to your present costs.


One Place: Vervo simply blends managing both personal and professional life in one spot, whether you’re running your business or planning your next family trip.

Done after years of research, this best project management tool was able to achieve that balance without compromising simplicity or the flexibility to control both components individually when necessary.

Without Vervo, you will pay for software that handles your business and another one for personal purposes, adding extra expenditures, clutter, and app switching difficulties, among other problems.

Mobile-First: Vervo was created in and for the new world, first as a mobile-first platform and subsequently transitioning to the web. This offers them an advantage in developing robust mobile applications for handling more complicated business projects that competitors can only undertake on their websites.

More so, competitors began on the web and then moved to mobile, making their mobile apps web aids rather than fully-fledged software programs. Not using Vervo gives you limited capability where you can only rely on a computer to complete numerous activities.

Customizations: Vervo created the task management software that only follows your directives.

To do this, they provide every element, from task management to the home dashboard, with customization tools, allowing you to tailor-fit the program to your specific requirements.You can also modify the brand name on the mobile app to your desired company or personal name.

It’s challenging to leave your important business endeavors in the hands of something you hardly know. Fortunately, Vervo was created by a recognized team of researchers and software experts, so you can be confident that you’re getting high-quality, research-based features to help you take complete charge of your day.

Join the 47,000+ Vervo users who have taken charge of their day with a free trial! Download on mobile devices or use the web to sign up and log in.

Which Is the Best Project Management Tool?

Project management tools are primarily seen in effectively carrying out planning phases, allocating resources, timekeeping, tracking and reporting. They are one of the fundamental components of your business projects that can help your company get a competitive advantage and stand out from the crowd.

With the benefits and services provided by our top 5 best project management tools, such as, ClickUp, Vervo, and more, surely, you can fully augment the performance of your teams with every project you set your mind to.

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