Top 5 Best Document Scanning Software in 2022 To Digitize and Simplify Work Processes

Top 5 Best Document Scanning Software in 2022 To Digitize and Simplify Work Processes


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Document scanning software allows you to draw information from documents in all forms in the easiest way possible without sacrificing accuracy. You can then use scanned data anywhere you want with no fuss, simplifying administrative tasks. Dealing with several documents all at once will never have to be stressful again. Learn how the top 5 best document scanning software in 2022 can help you out.

What Is the Best Software To Edit Scanned Documents?

The best document scanning software minimizes human errors, especially when it comes to sensitive information. It should not just function as a scan to word document software. It should also give options on what format of your choice should come out.

Most importantly, it should automatically do its purpose with just a click in no less than a few seconds. After all, the goal is to quickly convert the document into a format you prefer.

What Is the Best Scanner App for Documents?

Some jobs hustle every day to meet their requirements in a fast-paced environment. To give you a hand, we compiled the top 5 best document scan software to reduce time spent and human errors. At the same time, this is to encourage your team to move forward productively.

#1 Ephesoft

Landing first is Ephesoft. Through intelligent document processing or IDP, you can automate document scanning processes. Ephesoft uses the IDP platform to maximize the efficiency of its entire operations and boost productivity. It uses AI to scan texts from documents and other files, so you won’t have to manually list every data you wish to be withdrawn.

As mentioned, artificial intelligence plays a huge role in transforming any document type into different forms of data. What makes it the best document scanning software is its swift operation, even in bulk size. This document scanning and archiving software can easily pull data from any scalable document you can think of.


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Because Ephesoft supports high-volume data scanning, enterprises that need documents like records, contracts, emails, and more can benefit from its streamlining processes. Aside from reducing human error and eliminating the painful hours that manual work takes, Ephesoft also uses its integration features so businesses can integrate the scanned data into their systems.

Benefits and Features

  • Can process highly-scalable documents

  • Offers simplified data privacy and is very compliant

  • Is the best foundation for digital transformation

  • Reduces time and cost to avail robotic process automation

  • Helps increase efficiency to boost your productivity and satisfaction

#2 Rossum

Another document scanning software to consider is Rossum. Rossum boasts its accurate and easiest optical character recognition (OCR) to capture and scan documents, so you can obtain relevant data that you want to scan.


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Rossum’s technology ensures that data can be scanned from both unstructured and structured documents without configuring rules. This shows their aim to perform automated document scanning within a quick process.

Unlike most data scanning software, Rossum leans more toward businesses that wish to make their work lighter. Rossum offers automated scanning of purchase orders, invoices, receipts, or other documents. But this tool can also extract data from complex table data within minutes.

Rossum also has a self-learning validation interface essential to verify the data pulled, so you or your enterprise can achieve maximum accuracy besides improved efficiency. All features held by Rossum are rooted in their AI-powered OCR software to provide accurate data scanning and archiving from specific documents.

Benefits and Features

  • Lets you save time and costs

  • Scans and safely extracts data

  • Can send data directly to any system of your choice

  • Can receive documents from hundreds of different channels

  • Elevates your productivity with a rapid self-learning validation interface for further accuracy

#3 Docparser

Docparser belongs in the list of the best document scanning software. This document scanning software is specifically built for the modern cloud generation. You can fetch data from different sources and only draw the details. At the same time, it also allows you to manage obtained data in real-time.


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Using Docparser will automatically allow you to get your desired data wherever you want it stored. This document scanning software will only need you to upload your PDF files, documents, or even scanned images from different channels so it can process the scanned data within seconds.

When it comes to managing data, Docparser will enable you to connect to your cloud storage provider, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. therefore, showing how it serves the modern cloud era. You also have the choice to use their API. Afterward, you can mail the results to yourself or upload them using their secure application.

Benefits and Features

  • Identifies any data you upload

  • Easy-to-use and doesn’t require any coding experience

  • Uses the Zonal OCR tech to scan data

  • Offers an automated process within seconds

  • Allows you to move your data wherever you want

#4 Klippa

Klippa is a document scanning software specializing in simplifying administrative processes. It does so by scanning receipts and invoices, passports, ID cards, driving licenses, and much more. This helps in operations that require data extraction solutions, such as invoice and expense processing, identity validation, and receipt clearing. The goal of Klippa is to digitize and automate administrative work with the aid of modern technologies, particularly machine learning and OCR.


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To hand out their best document scanning software, Klippa introduced their IDP platform, Klippa DocHorizon. It does more than just delivering OCR to scan, because it can also be used to classify, anonymize, verify, and extract data. The cloud-based solution lends a hand to businesses in different industries like Financial Services and Banking, Marketing, Accounting, and many more. With Klippa, you can easily submit documents through email, web, or even mobile apps. Consequently, it reduces your processing time by 90{f5ac61d6de3ce41dbc84aacfdb352f5c66627c6ee4a1c88b0642321258bd5462} and your budget by 60{f5ac61d6de3ce41dbc84aacfdb352f5c66627c6ee4a1c88b0642321258bd5462}. In return, it positively influences your bottom line.


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Key Features

  • Capture images: Klippa lets you capture images in the comfort of your phone. Just point at any document, and it will do the rest for you. It’s available for all mobile platforms and can be easily implemented in your mobile apps.

  • Extract data: Retrieve data from any type of document so you can process, store, and analyze them later on. It comes with the highest accuracy, so you can immediately store them in your database. No need for manual intervention as well.

  • Classify documents: To completely digitize your workflow with minimal effort yet improved accuracy, Klippa allows you to digitally classify all documents you receive. Its OCR sorts out what document it is and can automatically label it for you. As a result, you will be able to find it in your database or DMS with a simple search query. This is particularly helpful if you quickly need a specific document for your next work operation.

In detail, Klippa can do the following for you:

  • File type classification

  • Document type classification

  • Document language classification

  • Country of origin classification

  • Merchant classification

  • Line item classification

  • Classification of risk or urgency

  • Classification of privacy-sensitive data


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  • Anonymize sensitive data: When dealing with sensitive data, you might want to get it redacted if you’re using a document scanning software. Klippa’s AI-based OCR software already has data masking features. They developed a data masking API to anonymize certain parts of a document and pictures. To implement scanning functionality in your mobile apps, they also have mobile scanning solutions that enhance your workflows.

  • Convert documents into searchable files: Klippa’s OCR software lets you send files through its application, web, or email. Then, it will immediately convert any document into structured data in just a few seconds. It can process even the most complicated document (PDF, JPG, PNG, and other file formats) and turn it into any format (JSON, PDF/A, XLSX, CSV, or XML) of your choice.

Compared to other document scanning software, Klippa deploys the best technology to an extent. In return, they are earning advantages over other services. Their mission is to let people loosen up a bit at work, a task only possible if administrative tasks are less tedious. Through their best OCR solutions, you can undoubtedly enjoy work, mitigate errors and fraud, cut down costs, and focus on your core operations.


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  • Modern yet friendly interface, suitable even for those who aren’t adept in using technology

  • Can be integrated through API or SDK into third-party applications

  • Cross checks with 3rd party database

  • Lets you send files any time of the day and can also extract pictures and signatures

  • Can scan different documents (financial, identity, legal, human resources, medical, and logistic documents), and convert them into structured documents.

  • Easily captures images via a mobile app, so you won’t have to digitize documents the other way around

  • Automatically classifies documents depending on several categories to reduce human errors

  • Redacts a portion of a document to anonymize sensitive data and protect your privacy



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Thanks to a plethora of features, Klippa DocHorizon has helped organizations and businesses on a global scale to automate document-related workflows. Since 2015, thousands and thousands of people are referring to their services. Be one of the most satisfied clients and get your free demo now!

#5 iScanner

Another mobile document scanning software made its way to our list – iScanner. It gained benefit from advanced technological solutions to deliver a variety of scanning modes. Simply point your camera to any document and even a QR code scanner. You can draw documents and store them. It can also solve math problems, measure specific areas, or count objects.


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Another reason it classifies as one of the best document scanning software is not just because of scanning and delivering a high-quality image. The iScanner app also has the upper hand in transforming unclear texts into something readable. Even a crumpled sheet of paper can transform into an image.

Moreover, its neural network works beyond document scanning as well. iScanner’s machine learning engineers consistently improve its optical character technology (OCR). Doing so allows them to provide more pleasing text recognition results.

Benefits and Features

  • Uses high-quality AI technology to scan data in seconds

  • Its interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate

  • High performing text and OCR recognition

  • Documents scanned are stored in the phone with an option to add a PIN, Face and Touch ID

  • Encourages paper-free workplace to attain sustainability

Document Scanning Software for Business and Home Use

On the account of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence, our top 5 best document scanning software lets you ditch manual efforts. You will never have to put in much effort and just let them do the manual work. For our recommendation, document scanning software like Klippa provides solutions for everything you need. But you can also take a pick from the other services to automate your administrative workflows.

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