Top 5 Best Data-centric Security Software in 2022

Top 5 Best Data-centric Security Software in 2022

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With all the global security concerns, the only way to mitigate cybercrime and secure all data entrusted to your company is through data-centric security software. This architecture for data security is made up of layers of solutions meant to comprehend, control, and safeguard sensitive data wherever it is uploaded. This concept can be traced beyond the standard, infrastructure-focused data security procedures that most companies presently adopt.

What Is Data-centric Security Software?

Simply said, data-centric security encompasses all the technology, techniques, and policies required to safeguard all types of data throughout their existence. In another sense, it’s one way to let us see what data are gathered, saved, accessed, transferred, shared, updated, and discarded.

Besides data breaches, a data security platform also helps businesses prevent falling out of compliance with the applicable data privacy rules. It’s one of the most necessary measures to closely monitor the data with which the companies are entrusted.

What Does Data Security Include?

Data-centric security software includes defending your data from cyberattacks that steal or destroy data, such as ransomware, as well as those that alter or distort your data. Data security also guarantees that within the business, data is accessible to anybody who needs it.

Several sectors necessitate a high level of data security to conform to rules that assure a secure customer data platform. However, even if your company is not subject to a rule or compliance requirement, the sustainability of a contemporary corporation is dependent on data security, which can affect both the company’s critical assets and the personal data belonging to its customers.

Best Data-centric Security Software in 2022

A data breach may inflict more than just financial ruin for your firm. Aside from financial losses, most occurrences result in a loss of client confidence and reputational harm. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way out, unless you utilize only the best and most dependable data-centric security software, which we included in the following list:

#1 Fasoo

Fasoo offers a data security platform that enables you to securely safeguard, control, trace, analyze, and communicate important company information, reduce insider risks, prevent data breaches, and protect intellectual privacy while increasing productivity.


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Fasoo has successfully maintained its leading position in the unstructured data security sector by delivering enterprise-wide solutions for thousands of enterprises worldwide, safeguarding millions of users over the past 20 years.

Its global market position is constantly improving as a result of its innovative feature, ongoing R&D, and strategic approach to comprehensive product capabilities. These capabilities include extending core security capabilities into content-centric collaboration, behavioral analytics, and information security consulting services.

Using a file-centric security architecture, Fasoo Enterprise DRM automatically secures files from the moment they are produced and maintains security throughout their existence.

Fasoo Enterprise DRM secures all derivatives regardless of where they are, even if an original file is transferred, renamed, or stored in a different format. The solution also supports a wide range of applications, including MS Office files, PDF, CAD, Tableau, and many more.

  • Robust and scalable unstructured data security and privacy solutions

  • Enables ideal security capabilities depending on data lifecycle

  • Realize a true zero trust approach and unifies lifecycle capabilities

  • Combines the most advanced data security and management technologies to safeguard data

  • Lets you take a multi-layered approach –  a strategic selection of features depending on risk appetites

#2 CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike Falcon is a recent entry in the endpoint security field. It was built from the bottom up as a cloud-based platform. Its threat detection engine uses a combination of machine learning, malware activity indicators, and threat information to detect cyberattacks, even new threats that have resurfaced.


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Because it is a cloud-based security solution, you won’t have to worry about hardware and maintenance expenses. It will keep cyber thieves from breaking into the protection technology, which may arise with standard on-premise antivirus systems.

Additionally, CrowdStrike offers security services on as-needed basis. This allows you to select the things you require for your business. If your engineers, for example, utilize containers as visibility into container usage.

CrowdStrike’s Falcon provides IT security for companies of all sizes. It has the capacity to support thousands of endpoints. However, startups may need a specialized IT department to employ the CrowdStrike Falcon program. Otherwise, it might be daunting to use without technical knowledge.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cloud-based data-centric security software

  • Uses machine learning and malware indicators

  • As-needed security services

  • Can catch even new computer viruses

  • Has a 99.6% malware mitigation percentage

#3 Spirion

Spirion is the first step in establishing an effective plan to get your data under control, from automating zero-trust policies to recognizing data at risk and quickly transitioning to the cloud.

This data-centric security software provides you with visibility into what sensitive data you have and where it is stored, control over how your data is saved and utilized, and assurance that your data is secure. It all starts with their 98.5 percent accurate discovery, which is then enforced by its sophisticated and purposeful automated categorization and remediation capabilities.


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Find all organized and unstructured data on any network, cloud file storage system, remote file server, or endpoint. Detect sensitive data with near-perfect precision and the industry’s lowest false positive rate while minimizing impacts on corporate productivity, security, and compliance.

In exchange, you may reduce the time your analysts spend seeking sensitive information across an ever-expanding big data footprint. Spirion supports a wide range of data sensitivity levels and uses. Collection, sharing, logging, creation, use, and even destruction of personal data are all examples of processing actions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Automated zero-trust policies

  • Recognizes data that are at risk

  • Helps you transition data securely to wherever you choose

  • Lets you find structured and unstructured data

  • Data footprint reduction

  • Rigorous data protection with multiple options

#4 Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection

Microsoft‘s Azure data-centric security software manages and secures email, documents, and sensitive data shared outside your organization.

From simple classification to integrated labeling and permissions, Azure Information Protection improves data security at all times, no matter where it’s kept or with whom it’s shared.

Microsoft’s Azure

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Policies can be configured to categorize, label, and safeguard data based on its sensitivity. Classification can be completely automated, user-driven, or recommended. Add categorization and protection information for permanent protection accompanying your data, ensuring it is safe regardless of where it is held or with whom it is shared.

You may also monitor shared data activity and deny access as needed. Your IT staff can monitor, analyze, and reason with data using comprehensive logging and reporting. Alternatively, you can also securely share data with coworkers, customers, and partners. Define who has access to data and what they can do with it.

Most importantly, Azure Information Protection helps safeguard your data, whether hosted in the cloud or on-premise infrastructure. You have the choice to administer your encryption keys in a variety of ways, including Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) and Hold Your Own Key (HYOK).

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lets you classify based on what’s the most sensitive data

  • Persistent protection of your data

  • Tracks and controls activities

  • Collaborates securely in sharing data

  • Protects your data wherever it’s stored

#5 Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud can assist in the protection of your company’s creative assets and data security. Its development methodology incorporates security into the programs and services it provides continuously. Adobe takes tremendous measures to ensure the privacy of critical company data in the Creative Cloud.


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Recently, Adobe improved its enterprise storage management (ESM) for Adobe storage, giving users better control, visibility, and security over their Creative Cloud for corporate accounts. This can positively affect the Identity and Access option for a secure data exchange platform. It provides per-user content security and guarantees that any material an end-user uploads to the cloud is deemed private and is only accessible by that user unless they take specific measures to share it.

Furthermore, this data-centric security software encrypts all user-generated material in Creative Cloud for enterprise at rest. The content is then encrypted using that particular encryption key, which may be revoked, if necessary. But only in the Admin Console. When the encryption key is revoked, all material encrypted with that key becomes unavailable to all end users and prevents both content upload and download until the encryption key is re-enabled.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Secures your creative assets and data

  • Integrates with other Adobe applications

  • Compliant with industry rules and laws

  • Lets corporate accounts control and gain visibility

  • Comprehensive encryption features

Traditional data protection techniques are insufficient in today’s era of cyberattacks. We must identify and safeguard our most valuable data to protect data from the ever-changing IT alterations and targeted assaults.

That’s why every data-centric security software on this list intends to help you create an effective centralized management system for detecting and mitigating data breaches and illegal use of sensitive information.

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