Top 30 BEST Gacha Games To Play In 2022

Top 30 BEST Gacha Games To Play In 2022

Gacha video game formula is nothing new in this day and age. It has evolved to the point that you will see gacha games ranging from Marvel games to Star Wars, JRPGs to animated RPG ones, and more. Of course, the mobile platform is the go-to one for gacha games and that is also one of the many reasons this video game genre has captured an excellent market in the video game industry. Our guide lists the 30 best gacha games players can experience in 2022. 

War of The Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

War of The Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy: The War of the Visions is a free-to-play mobile turn-based strategy RPG that happens in just the same imaginary world as Square’s preceding mobile game Brave Exvius. 

The player will face a number of challenges throughout War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Because there are so many different ways to play and alternatives to choose from, it is easy for things to get quite confusing very fast. To your relief, a significant portion of the game’s mechanics can, for the most part, be disregarded as you get your bearings.

In addition to that, the Beginners Hall provides a comprehensive instructional guide for newcomers. 14 different quests that are meant to teach novice players everything there is to know about combat from start to finish. It is strongly recommended that you enter that pool first. Veterans will recognize much of the terrain, but there are a few unexpected twists and turns that are important to be aware of.

Each character has the ability to move and conduct an action throughout their turn. There is a wide variety of guises that actions can take. On the battlefield, players have a wide variety of choices from which to select, including casting spells, providing assistance to teammates, and even summoning the iconic espers from throughout the series.

There are a plethora of different currencies that may be used in this product, just like there is in many other mobile offerings. Those that advance the character’s employment level, those that develop the character’s potential, and those that improve equipment. It is impossible for me to keep track of all of them in my head.

Dragon Quest Tact

Dragon Quest Tact
  • Developer: Aiming
  • Release Date: July 16, 2020

The mobile game Dragon Quest Tact looks stunning and performs wonderfully on virtually any smartphone that was launched after 2018. We don’t see many Dragon Quest smartphone games hit shelves, so we can’t really make a comparison, but the traditional Dragon Quest monsters truly stand out in this game.

The battlegrounds are designed with a level of intricacy and elegance that demonstrates a significant amount of effort was put into their creation. The actual strategic matrix may have a very simple structure, consisting of a flat battlefield that may periodically have congested rubble to impede your route, but the fact that it is on a level with strategic warfare makes up for its seeming simplicity.

Fire Emblem Heroes is the greatest game to use as a point of reference while comparing Dragon Quest Tact. The battlegrounds could be a little bit larger, and there would be no need to maintain armaments, but the game would still have the same retro vibe to it.

This is not an attempt to imitate a more in-depth strategy game of the kind that can be found on consoles and personal computers. Instead, it is ergonomically sound for the mobile platform, with the goal of getting you into and out of fights as soon as is humanly feasible.

The fact that it is a gacha game means that there is a significant amount of content to acquire. You have the option of scouting new monsters with randomized gacha picks or adding new members to your team during the campaign.

You are only permitted to have one instance of each creature in your arsenal; hence, in order to field a slime squad, you will need to ensure that you have access to nearly five distinct varieties of slime. All of the stuff you obtain, just like in other gacha games, may be put to better use by leveling up your protagonists, improving their skills, increasing their level, and improving your account rank.

If you’re thinking that sounds exactly like any free-to-play gacha game, you wouldn’t be mistaken.

Illusion Connect

Illusion Connect
  • Developer: Superprism Technology
  • Release Date: September 27, 2020

In Illusion Connect, developed by SuperPrism Technology, players take control of teams of animated show heroes as they battle horrors that pose a threat to the planet. As you progress through the game’s stages of real-time fighting in this strategic role-playing game and strategy game, more characters will take up the mantle.

The battle system in Illusion Connect will seem quite familiar to followers of the Mega Man Battle Network series, as well as the indie favorite One Step From Eden. The familiarity with mechanics gives it an easy learning curve, and that is why we believe the game deserves to be on the list of best gacha games of 2022. The gameplay is based on a 2.5D matrix, much as that used in Battle Network. When facing off against foes, competitors position their characters on the game board.

Each player has a graphical representation of himself on the board that may engage in combat. If the player protagonist is killed in combat, the game is over. If the player manages to take out the enemy commander, they will have triumphed. While you’re at it, consider reading our Illusion Connect Tier List.

Combat unfolds in real-time, forcing players to make split-second decisions on which tactic to employ. Some characters, like Nina, the chic hero of the game’s beginning, have the ability to attack three foes at once if they are in a line. The contributions of others, including mending and enhancements to both the offense and defense, are essential. The players each take turns placing one of their heroes on the board.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad
  • Developer: Owlient
  • Release Date: August 25, 2020

The gigantic crossover title Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a storyline of global espionage that brings together protagonists and antagonists from several Tom Clancy series of video games. The game’s name is characterized by the fact that it is a crossover between many of the titles.

Umbra is a nameless, faceless terrorist group that is inflicting destruction over the whole earth. In order to put a stop to them, the governments of the globe have banded together to assemble a squad that will combat Umbra and uncovers the truth about the organization.

Your elite squad consists of five warriors hand-picked from different Tom Clancy world subseries. Together, they make up your most powerful force. The only thing required of the player throughout these extraordinarily quick skirmishes is to keep an eye on everything that’s going on and provide combat commands when necessary.

The squad would maneuver, strike, and utilize their special skills on their own, giving us free will to carry out the battle commands whenever players felt it was appropriate.

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds
  • Developer: netmarbleNeo
  • Release Date: May 25, 2022

Ni No Kuni: Crossworlds has a quality aesthetic to it and genuinely appears like a fantastic release, that is, till you go a bit farther into the game. The game’s main flaw is that it requires too much time and effort to complete even the simplest of tasks. You can however use the AI Mode in Ni No Kuni: Crossworlds if you don’t like giving input every now and then in the game.

Players who have spent their whole lives immersed in this franchise will feel perfectly at home thanks to the game’s setting and aesthetics, which are reminiscent of the original entries from the series’ formative years. Also, read our Ni No Kuni: Crossworlds adventures chests and chest locations guides to get rich in the game quickly.

If you want to learn more about the characters, then consider reading our Ni No Kuni: Crossworlds familiar tier list. If you are playing the game on PC, then our Ni No Kuni: Crossworlds PC Controls guide will surely help you get the hang of keybindings. The studio Ghibli fans will truly fall in love with this gacha game and will consider it one of the best titles in 2022.

Another Eden

Another Eden
  • Developer: WFS, Inc.
  • Release Date: April 12, 2017

Another Eden, just like other smartphone gachas, offers a summoning mechanism in which you can acquire ten pulls for one thousand Chronos Stones; however, acquiring those Chronos Stones requires a great deal more time and work. In order to collect enough Chronos Stones for a decent draw, you will need to travel through the main plot and finish the side tasks. Additionally, the gacha mechanic is not the best.

Even at its core, it is still a single-player classic JRPG wrapped up in a smartphone wrapper of the video game. You can really complete the game even with the random heroes that enter your party as you progress through the main storyline. This is because the game is packaged as a mobile version. Also, consider reading Another Eden Tier List.

In Another Eden, there really are no skips, no auto-fights, and no fast-forwarding, and in order to make progress in the game, you will need to put in a lot of time grinding and leveling up. In that regard, it’s a throwback to the past, and many players will really enjoy the sense of nostalgia it evokes.

The Alchemist Code

The Alchemist Code
  • Developer: Studio gg2
  • Release Date: January 28, 2016

The Alchemist Code is a tactical role-playing game (SRPG) for portable devices that may be played for free and features in-app purchases. Gumi was the company that worked on developing and releasing it in 2016 for the Japanese market. Also, why not read our The Alchemist Code Tier List.

This title is an anime-styled strategic role-playing game (SRPG), and it will appeal to those who are lovers of Fantasy War and Ogre Tactics as well as those who long for Phantom of the Kill. Although it has a distinct plot, the gameplay is quite similar to that of the game that was just stated before it.

For story or event tasks, players have the option of building a squad consisting of four heroes, two replacements, and one buddy mercenary. The fact that each of these troops has a specific elemental type and a diverse set of talents that come into play during battles is a significant contributor to the game’s robust strategic depth.

Additionally, the combat has backside strikes, which call into question the movement strategy of the unit. The actual fighting is done on a turn-based grid system, and it takes place in three dimensions.

The character turn bar, which is located on the top left of the fight screen, provides assistance with the planning of our actions. In addition, we have the ability to alter the camera angle, quicken the pace of the battle, or even play it automatically.

The gacha mechanism makes more than sixty characters available, and the number of heroes available is continuing to grow. Collaboration events are one of Gumi’s favorite ways to include anime and characters from their many other products in their games. 

It should come as no surprise, given the title of this game, that at the present time you are able to obtain characters from the Full Metal Alchemist anime, both heroes and villains.

Tales of Crestoria

Tales of Crestoria
  • Developer: BNE Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2020

Bandai Namco’s most recent attempt to create a gacha game centered on this well-known realm is called Tales of Crestoria. In spite of the fact that it delivers all of the heartfelt story beats and iconic characters that fans have come to anticipate, I couldn’t help but desire that it was a complete platform experience.

You play the role of Kanata, a small boy from a rural community who has firm faith in the inherent goodness of people and a strong desire to see justice served to those who have done wrong in Tales of Crestoria. Everyone who is born in this society receives a Vision Orb as soon as they are able to hold one.

These spheres serve as a kind of surveillance for law enforcement as well as a mode of communication with extraterrestrial creatures known as Enforcers. If a sufficient number of people pray fervently sufficiently to these Enforcers, then they will materialize and essentially execute any offender without subjecting them to a fair hearing.

Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters
  • Developer: DENA CO., LTD.
  • Release Date: August 28, 2019

The role-playing video game Pokémon Masters is a three-on-three brawler in which players capture Pokémon and trainers to add to their teams. Players also go through a beautiful narrative mode that features characters they’ve loved for years. Or, at the very least, I have cherished them for many years, and I believe that this is how they most beautifully present themselves.

It can be overwhelming at times to talk about the Trainers and gym leaders who have been staples in Pokémon for longer than I can remember. These characters are now fully rendered in 3D, and it can be overwhelming to talk about their territories, their Pokémon, their cities, and their connections with other Pokémon protagonists.

The fact that Agatha, one of Kanto’s Elite Four, knew Oak had been elaborated upon, along with a great deal of other minor character information that has been pushed to the forefront of the narrative. Before continue reading further, why not go through our Pokemon Masters Tier list.

Fans of the Pokémon universe will enjoy playing this video game based on the Pokémon franchise. It’s not just about how adorable Pikachu is, and it’s not just about the mainstream role-playing games—about it’s everything. I am not a Pokemon fan, so the game is not at the top of the best gacha games of 2022, but it could be different if you are a die-hard fan of the Pokemon series.

Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales
  • Developer: Kakao Games
  • Release Date: February 24, 2020

The Guardian Tales have a storyline that is deceptively straightforward: the forces of goodness go up against those of evil. However, in order to make up for its one-dimensional narrative, the videogame opts for a more comedic approach by not treating its narrative as seriously as it should. The game’s narrative is not without its share of humorous and pop-culture allusions, both of which contribute to the game’s endearing and enjoyable personality.

The gameplay that is featured in Guardian Tales is very strikingly similar to the gameplay that was featured in classic RPG titles such as The Legend of Zelda GameBoy series. This is because the gameplay in Guardian Tales requires players to fight enemies and solve riddles in order to progress through the level.

You have a control arrangement that is pretty standard for video games, with the directional pad located on the left side of the screen and critical action buttons located on the right. These action keys include keys for running, attacking, and special weapon moves. You have the option to modify the layout through the options if you do not like how it is now presented to you.

Kingdom of Heroes

Kingdom of Heroes
  • Developer: Neowiz
  • Release Date: Sep 20, 2021

The players of the Kingdom of Heroes take on the mantle of King Arthur, who is now entrusted with recruiting legendary warriors to aid him in his fight to save Avalon. You’ve probably heard this version of the legend of King Arthur told during elementary school, but with anime tropes thrown in for good measure.

In the beginning minutes of the game, there is some pretty great character writing, but by late in the game, the situations grow intriguing and may be skipped. Sure, the storyline is interesting, but I couldn’t help but feel they want to advance, even if it was just to increase my odds of winning the gacha draws.

To our good fortune, several of the gameplay modes offer paid content. Another of these is the Tower of Arrogance, a dungeon tower that has a fighting system that rewards players with more valuable loot as they ascend its many floors and challenges players with increasingly difficult foes. 

In addition, there is player vs player combat and raiding. The characters are incredibly detailed, yet their appearances are a perfect reflection of who they are on the inside.

The incredibly brief nature of the narrative is the one and only issue that we have with it. We are aware that the majority of gacha games only have a few storyline parts available when they first begin. However, in my past knowledge of Brave Nine, there were a lot of different plot stages to complete, which gave the impression that I was playing a whole game.

Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes
  • Developer: Oozoo Inc.
  • Release Date: 21 November 2019

The engaging quality of Exos Heroes comes not just from the game’s striking aesthetics but also from the game’s deep narrative structure. It is a fantastic journey that takes place in a period when mythology, mysticism, and enchantment were prevalent. Unfortunately, the emperor Exestruk’s sword has been misplaced.

The adventure begins with the player boarding an old airship and flying around the wide globe in pursuit of it. Along the way, they are accompanied by ancient dragons who help them seek riches. As the plot progresses in a manner that is intricately blended with the gameplay, the fate of the world is in jeopardy.

It is actually what establishes the tone and keeps you hooked, whether it be the story, which is paired with outstanding graphics, or the method in which the player is taken through the whirlwind of people and bizarre happenings, which is also what creates the tone.

Because Oozoo focuses on RPGs, it is also the focal point of this game. The gameplay of EH combines elements of RPGs, gachas, and even some elements of strategy.

In a nutshell, this game has the time-honored and fan-favorite combination of developing your characters, putting together your squad, making preparations for war, and actually engaging in combat. The actual turn-based combat in the game has all of the trademarks of a classic Japanese role-playing game, but every other aspect of the game adds something fresh to the already exciting combination of genres that players like.

Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom
  • Developer: Devsisters
  • Release Date: January 19, 2021

Whether you’ve experienced any of the previous games in the Cookie Run series, you’re going to be thrilled to see some of your iconic characters and foes make a cameo in Cookie Run: Kingdom. The advantage of this is that GingerBrave, Strawberry Cookie, along with all the players can all be leveled up, personalized with Toppings, and lead victoriously into combat. The familiarity with characters and the gacha elements makes it the best game to play in 2022.

During the opening sequence of the game, it is shown how a malicious Cookie was able to vanquish the five Guardian Cookies who were responsible for maintaining peace in the region. The years have come and gone. Since then, cookies have dispersed to all directions, and they no longer have a centralized government or a record of their past. You are the one who needs to make that right.

Cookie Run: Kingdom has two separate facets of gameplay: base construction and fights, either in the story mode or in a player-against-player setting. Building bases was the aspect of the game that most interested me, and I could easily lose track of time while putting flowers and other ornaments in the Cookie Kingdom that was rapidly expanding.

There is auto-mode gameplay. Although we often do not favor automation in role-playing games, we believe that players in Cookie Run: Kingdom will very quickly switch it on. The outcomes of fights were virtually exactly the same regardless of whether or not the player pressed the touchscreen.

Our healing class character sometimes used the healing skill even when there was no pressing need for it, and that was the only tiny problem we had. Before reading the list further, why not go through our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list and Codes.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Developer: Nintendo, Intelligent Systems
  • Release Date: February 2, 2017

The tactical, turn-based fights are at the heart of Heroes, just as they are in each and every Fire Emblem game. You and your enemy take turns moving troops around a two-dimensional board, much like in chessboard; the objective of the game is to eliminate the opposing side’s forces.

There are several varied sorts of warriors available to use, such as axe-wielding knights, distant shooters, and mages with healing spells. Additionally, there are multiple maps, each of which calls for a unique approach. The feeling of scale in Heroes’ battle system stands out as the most notable distinction when compared to other titles in the Fire Emblem series.

The skirmishes in this version are considerably more manageable, and each map is formatted to fit fully on the screen of your mobile device. Your squad of warriors is restricted to just four people, which is quite a little less than the armies of its predecessors, which had a dozen people each.

The player can choose from a range of different game modes. Heroes have a typical single-player campaign with a narrative that is unsatisfactorily lacking, limited-time special maps, and asynchronous fights in which you may pit your squad against that of another player.

Read our Fire Emblem Heroes tier list and best unit builders guides and learn about the peak performers in the game. Also, our Thorr, Hubert, and Byleth guides will give you an in-depth analysis of the characters.

Epic Seven

Epic Seven
  • Developer: Smilegate
  • Release Date: August 30, 2018

Players take on the part of the Heir of the Covenant when playing Epic Seven. This Heir was fashioned by Diche, the Goddess of Creation, specifically for the purpose of combating the Archdemon. The other gods devised the Archdemon as a means of exacting revenge on Diche for the way she handled the aftermath of the murder of her beloved, Orbis, by shirking her responsibilities.

When the Archdemon caused the world to be destroyed, Diche would spend some of her power to recreate the whole universe from scratch after each occurrence. However, with each iteration of the world, she becomes weaker and weaker, and as we are presently in the seventh iteration of the world, we have given it the name Epic Seven to reflect this fact.

The players’ mission now is to put an end to the Archdemon’s reign of terror and get it over with by assembling a formidable army of Heroes. Also, consider reading our Epic Seven Tier List.

Players won’t be able to help but take note of the game’s one-of-a-kind visual style right away. The videogame, in contrast to a great number of others of its like, exudes an obvious anime vibe, and each and every one of the characters were crafted with extraordinary detailing.

Everything will give players the impression that they see an Anime with a massive budget, and the reality of the matter is that it contributes significantly to the overall engagement and mood of the gameplay. The game’s cinematics is all done quite well, and they contribute to the overall anime vibe that the game gives off.

In point of fact, players will be curious to discover more about the tale as they progress through each section, and the whole thing unfolds quite similarly to episodes of a high-quality anime series.

Live Date: Spirit Pledge

Live Date Spirit Pledge
  • Developer: Hot Game Studio
  • Release Date: July 26, 2020

The plot of the 2013 anime Date A Live is continued in the video game Date A Live: Spirit Pledge, which was developed by Hot Game Studio. The video game even uses some of the voice actors and scenes from the anime, in addition to using the theme tune from it. The video game combines elements of a dating simulation and a beat ’em up, a combination that it pulls off with variable degrees of effectiveness.

The gameplay of Date A Live: Spirit Pledge is completely free, but you may spend real money on additional females and aesthetics if you so want. The narrative is broken up into parts, and each chapter focuses on a different player character from the game. Each chapter is broken up into sections, and the last one of each section is either a romance or a fight.

During battles, you will frequently be tasked with accomplishing particular goals, like holding out for a predetermined length of time or vanquishing monsters. Your skills are extremely potent, but their cooldown periods vary greatly.

Awaken Chaos Era

Awaken Chaos Era
  • Developer: Century Games
  • Release Date: January 17, 2022

The mobile role-playing game Awaken: Chaos Era is completely free to play and actually occurs in a fantastical universe in which a war is raging between both the forces of good and evil. You are the savior that this nation so sorely requires, and it is up to how you want to bring a stop to the conflict.

The game gives people the option to play as one of four distinct classes: a warrior, a mage, a priest, or an assassin. In addition, the player can select their character’s species from one of four available options: human, elf, dwarf, orc.

Nevertheless, this does not indicate that the battle is going to be a short one. You have to remain resolute, always seek deeper, and be unwilling to give up if you want to succeed.

The premise of Awaken: Chaos Era is rather straightforward and features a combination of tactical fighting and exploratory elements. You have the option of either collecting heroes, pets, crystals, and other items or exploring the environment, fighting foes, and completing missions. We played the game for how it unfolded the story and that is why we think it deserves a sweet spot for the best gacha games players should play in 2022.

Summoners War

Summoners War
  • Developer: Com2uS Studios
  • Release Date: June 12, 2014

The world of SUMMONERS of War takes place in a futuristic fantasy universe, and war has been mostly supplanted by more civilized arena conflicts. Strong summoners who are able to exercise command over a diverse array of fantastic monsters are utilized in the struggle between different groups of people to choose who will have dominion over the land’s resource of mystical power stones.

The primary objective of the game is to amass and level up as many monsters as possible, and fights are the only way to get the necessary funds and resources to accomplish this goal. Also, why not go through our Grand Summoners Tier List.

Furthermore, players have the option of constructing, expanding, and enhancing their very own mystical base of operations.  The videogame may be played solo, or it can be played online versus random people or with friends working together.

The game has a permanent in-game chat system that enables players to engage with one another freely and without the need for a filter. Players may also join guilds and participate in raids with other players. An in-game store allows players to make purchases of virtual goods and virtual enhancements using real-world currency at any point in the game.

Bleach Brave Souls

Bleach Brave Souls
  • Developer: KLab
  • Release Date: January 15, 2016

Bleach: Brave Souls had to start fresh when it came to designing its gameplay, despite the fact that the game’s characters and plot were based on the original source. It is for this reason that developing the game as a 3D adventure is so crucial, and it is such a wonderful option in our opinion because nothing depicts the finest personalities in the anime better than 3D animation and locations.

However, despite the fact that it was launched in 2015, it is still extremely great in terms of how it plays or how it brings that animated vision to life for gamers.

The game was released during a period of time when all of these different categories of mobile gaming were only just beginning to shape and were not quite defined as they are now.

Despite the fact that at its core, it is an anime action RPG, it contains a wide variety of different types of gameplay components for this reason. Ichigo Kurosaki, the titular character, is a replacement soul reaper and serves as the guardian of everyone, and the game incorporates all of the other trademarks of the hero collecting genre. Additionally, notable characters from the anime are featured in the game as well, including Ichigo Kurosaki.

AFK Arena

AFK Arena
  • Developer: Lilith Games
  • Release Date: September 4, 2019

A character-gathering role-playing game, sometimes known as a gacha, is the basis of AFK Arena’s gameplay. What this implies is that as you progress through the game, you may acquire different characters and put together a team of heroes to take on the game’s foes. That is, in essence, the most shortened and basic form of it.

The moniker “AFK Arena” itself is perhaps one of the contributing factors to the venue’s immense popularity. In contrast to the majority of other Gachas, AFK Arena gives you very little direct control over your characters. You will only have influence over specific parts of the battle once it has begun, and the combatants will engage in it on their own without your intervention.

To begin, you are free to arrange your group of heroes into whatever shape you see fit. You have the option of positioning them in the front or rear line, which will have an effect on some of their powers as well as the people communicating with both their comrades and their foes.

The next thing that will happen is that throughout the fight, their unique skills will be shown in the form of cards that are located at the bottom of the screen. Every single one of those will have an energy bar that increases in size as the battle progresses. Before going further, read our AFK Arena Tier List.

Alchemy Stars

Alchemy Stars
  • Developer: Tourdog Studio
  • Release Date: June 17, 2021

In the strategy game Alchemy Stars, players navigate the field of play by laying down different colored tiles. The gamers assemble a squad consisting of five different combatants. There are a total of four elements, which may be found throughout a wide variety of characters and elemental powers. These elements are frost, molten, emerald, and thunderbolt.

Each component is represented by a different colored tile. The more identical tiles you can connect together to form a chained combination, the more powerful the special powers of the heroes you play will become.

The fight scenes in Alchemy Stars are not overly difficult. To put it another way, the ability to win lies in one’s ability to assemble a strategic team. Learn about all characters by reading our Alchemy Stars Tier List.

The primary plot of Alchemy Stars is supplemented with side tasks that may be unlocked. As a consequence of this, these are particularly useful for acquiring resources as well as additional benefits, such as hidden regions and regular events. As the players progress through the various milestone levels and chapters, more areas will become available to them.

Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost
  • Developer: Nintendo, Cygames
  • Release Date: September 27, 2018

The story of Dragalia Lost occurs in the made-up country of Alberia, which is a world in which people and dragons coexist harmoniously. The royal family of Alberia possesses a special ability that enables them to shape treaties and agreements with these dragons and transform into them at will.

The plot of the story appears to follow the 7th prince of Alberia and a small band of party activists as they travel to establish accords with the fantastic dragons of the land. In the past, the royal family of Alberia has been able to form treaties with these dragons and transmogrify into them at will.

It’s pretty astounding how in-depth the devs have decided to go with this universe, despite the fact that the storyline isn’t exactly exciting; almost all characters, dragon, and equippable item does have their own tale to some extent, and these all play a role in the mythology of the game as a whole.

The voice acting for each and every character and dragon is also complete, and while the quality of the performances varies, on the whole, they are of a considerably higher standard than what is typically seen in smartphone games. Knowledge of all characters is crucial; therefore read our Dragalia Lost Tier List.

Ark Knights

Ark Knights
  • Developer: HyperGryph
  • Release Date: May 1, 2019

Arknights features a really engaging narrative to go along with its gameplay, regardless of the fact that the gameplay itself isn’t too complicated. In the futuristic planet of Terra, which is both post-apocalyptic and dystopian, the gamers each take control of a Doctor.

There is sorcery in this realm, and the people that live there are humans from Terra, but a few of these have characteristics that are more mythical or even primitive in nature. The environment is also fairly severe, and natural calamities strike frequently, but they leave behind valuable Originium, a mineral that causes oriopathy, a degenerative illness, in the population.

As was previously said, Arknights’ primary focus is on the tower defense genre. Towers may be thought of as the previously stated people who are actually operators and members of your team. However, the blending of genres starts with these individuals, who are categorized according to their classes. Ark Knights is fun, addictive, and nothing short of amazing, and that is one of the many reasons we place it in the top-tier best gacha games category in 2022.

Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force
  • Developer: Scopely, FoxNext
  • Release Date: March 2018

The objective of the game is to amass a collection of Marvel Universe characters for usage in a number of unique game modes, in which these heroes and villains alike will be organized into five-person teams to battle against a wide variety of opponents. Read our Marvel Strike Force Tier List and learn which ones are the best in the game.

Newcomers will only have access to a select few Heroes and Villains early in the game; however, with each passing day, they will get closer to accessing new, more powerful Champions, which will enable them to construct an infinite number of different configurations as they look for the ideal hero.

After two years, we are not sure we can confidently declare that the game is welcoming to new players. However, there is good news: all new players will be sent to a different server, where they may compete against other players of a similar skill level.

This raises the question of whether or not Marvel Strike Force is a pay-to-win game. Specifically, does the game need players to pay in order to progress? It is true that certain offers are excessively costly, and it is also true that some unimportant content requires a hefty payment, but it is also true that you may advance in the game without making any payments at all or by investing solely in Power Cores.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends
  • Developer: Plarium
  • Release Date: July 29, 2018

A few of the PC games that made the switch to smartphones in 2019 include Raid: Shadow Legends, and it has already garnered tremendous popularity on both the Android and iOS platforms.

The role-playing video game Raid: Shadow Legends is a turn-based tactical RPG featuring a gacha structure that lets players acquire hundreds of players, or Champions, as they are referred to in the game. The game’s single-player option presents a tale that is unremarkable and easy to anticipate, despite the game’s great graphical presentation, which is not something you often see in smartphone games.

The turn-based gameplay in Raid: Shadow Legends is engaging and really well, and it lets players experience at max five different champions that they may control at once.

In addition, the champions’ classes extend from low-level to high-level characters of varying levels. It is entirely up to you whether or not you want your team to consist of a diverse assortment of champions from a wide range of classes.

Langrisser Mobile

Langrisser Mobile
  • Developer: Zlongames
  • Release Date: January 22, 2019

Both experienced, and novice role-playing game gamers will find the gameplay in Langrisser Mobile to be instantly recognizable. It combines the traditional play of compact, story-driven strategic RPGs from the past, along with several amazing levels from earlier Langrisser titles, with the gacha elements of contemporary free-to-play mobile RPGs. Also, consider going through our Langrisser Tier List.

As the plot progresses, you will find yourself venturing forth once more in pursuit of the fabled sword known as Langrisser, this time accompanied by a cast of interesting and unique characters.

This entails making slow but steady movement over a globe map, but not in a sequential manner. Along the route, there are side quests and fights that are completely optional that offer a small amount of additional gear and experience points. Additionally, there are boss bouts that offer enormous prizes.

Battles actually commence with a stage of preparation, during which you get the opportunity to scout out your adversary’s troops and reorganize your own in accordance with what you find. Langrisser is based on the time-honored rock-paper-scissors concept, in which certain types of units are efficient against one type of their enemy but ineffectual against the other type of their opponent.

Azur Lane

Azur Lane
  • Developer: Manjuu, Yongshi
  • Release Date: May 25, 2017

The primary mode of interaction in Azur Lane is combat, and there is a great deal of bloodshed to go around. The players construct a number of different fleets, each of which consists of two teams: a vanguard at the front and a major fleet backing them from the back.

Your main fleet comprises battleships, battlecruisers, and aircraft carriers that provide artillery fire and air support. Meanwhile, your vanguard comprises destroyers, light and heavy cruisers that conduct most of the firing.

When you are constructing your fleet, you have the choice of completing story missions, daily special missions, exercises versus other players, or event stages, depending on whether or not a particular event is currently being held. Our Azur Lane Tier List will give you an insight into all characters. 

During the story and event levels, you will be placed on a map, and it will be up to you to decide whose fleets you will eliminate on your route to the opposing flagship.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
  • Developer: Capital Games, EA Mobile
  • Release Date: November 24, 2015

The mobile game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a role-playing game (RPG) that is available for both the Android and Apple operating systems. Players may acquire their beloved Heroes And villains through completing challenges inside the game, getting involved in special events, obtaining them by luck, or acquiring them through the in-game store by procuring crystals for actual money in order to swap for shards of the heroes and villains.

The large number of recognizable Fictional Characters that can be found in Galaxy of Heroes was one of the elements that hooked me to the game. Each playable persona possesses unique skills that, if discovered, may be accessed and further honed to reflect the tastes of the specific player.

The battle system in Galaxy of Heroes is a traditional turn-based role-playing game setup. The characters are classified based on whether they are aligned with the Light or Dark Side of the Force. 

The player chooses five different characters to take into combat. It’s possible that the character’s power and strength will increase if they’re grouped together, but this will depend on which characters the player has to send into battle. Also, read our the best Teams In Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes guide & learn about the best team compositions. 

As a die-hard Star Wars fan, the gacha element in Galaxy of Heroes just makes this installment perfect, and if you love gacha plus Star Wars theme, then you will definitely find the game in the best gacha games fans should play in 2022.  

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends
  • Developer: BNE Entertainment, Dimps
  • Release Date: May 17, 2018

The video game Dragon Ball Legends is based on an anime. If you are searching for a new game to play, we highly recommend picking this one up. It features a plot, as well as action aspects and riddles. It is a very enjoyable game. It also provides a great deal of entertainment. You may play the game by yourself or with multiple players at the same time.

The game may be played in a couple of different ways. There is a single-player mode, as well as a multiplayer mode. You are able to build your own character when playing in alone mode. You have the option of giving your character a name, choosing their gender, and customizing their look. In addition, you have the ability to select both your class and your preferred method of combat.

We now have a much better understanding of how the game was developed as a result of a recent interview that was conducted with Gamelab. The game has grown fairly popular as a mobile game over the past few months. Also, consider going through our Dragon Ball Legends Tier List.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
  • Developer: miHoYo, Shanghai Miha Touring Film Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Release Date: September 28, 2020

Genshin Impact has caused quite a commotion in the gaming industry, and ever since it was released, it has served as a stepping stone to professional success for a great many streamers and YouTubers. The game has become an icon and genre-defining, and that is why it stands at the top in our list of best gacha games players should experience in 2022.

In addition to this, it has provided gamers with the opportunity to rediscover their surroundings even if they are confined to their homes because of the current political climate.

The key challenges of Genshin may be completed with free characters. Players that put forth the effort may advance the narrative, finish world quests, and fulfill daily commissions without spending any real money. If you do so, you should be rewarded with a sufficient amount of in-game cash to enable you to sometimes pull for paid characters.

However, even if you don’t put any money into the game, it’s still considered a gamble. Players need to be aware of how much money they are spending, as is the case with any mechanic of this nature. It is imperative that you do not allow yourself to be enticed by a possible male or female anime character that you cannot genuinely purchase.

Our Genshin Impact Tier List ranks all characters from best to worst, so make sure you read our guide. Other than that, you can read our best artifacts and weapons tier list to learn further about the game.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the top-tier and best Gacha games released up till 2022. Which one is your favorite from our list? If you ask us the three best ones, we will not hesitate to name Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Marvel Strike Force, and Genshin Impact. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.