Top 3 Best God of War Games, Ranked

Top 3 Best God of War Games, Ranked

God of War 2 is still the king, and I think a good deal of you agree

God of War has been around for 17 extended decades, and with Ragnarok nonetheless clean in everyone’s minds, we figured it was value getting a glance at a several of the most effective video games in the sequence.

Here’s a list of the leading three God of War online games to day!

3 – God of War Ragnarok (2022)

I’ve had obtain to God of War Ragnarok for weeks at this point: which is solely a assertion on how much I have been absorbed with it, and practically nothing a lot more!

Ragnarok is a great modern day action video game that builds on a a whole lot of what the 2018 laid down, though introducing its possess twists, turns, and character times. There are some factors that really feel rushed, and give credence to the recommendation that this Norse story should have been a trilogy: but it does adhere the landing, and has a few undeniably practical high-quality of life/mechanical upgrades that make it easy to get into. Additionally, the postgame is extremely smooth in phrases of its segue, and it is been truly fun to “mop up” the relaxation of this packed game.

I suspect that the precise putting of God of War: Ragnarok and God of War 2018 will be the most contentious part of this record: we’ll see how it performs out!

The top 3 Best God of War Games, ranked 2

2 – God of War (2018)

God of War 2018 had the unenviable endeavor of re-introducing (not rebooting for each se) the franchise to the normal public, and God of War admirers as a total.

Astonishingly, the staff managed to do just that and not only surpass expectations but hold the continuity from the prior games. To me that’s arguably the largest accomplishment in a sea of pointless and cynical reboots, as the creatives had to bring Kratos into the contemporary era although keeping his rage, violence, and standard aura alive. Bringing a son into the blend was the great way to do that, and God of War 2018 serves as a good blueprint for how to tackle companions in games and not make them sense like an escort quest hinderance.

All of the babble and exposition when strolling all around makes God of War particularly replayable much too and when checking it out right before building this record, it easily justified its inclusion. I really do not assume it will get enough credit for how significantly stress it was less than to deliver.

The top 3 Best God of War Games, ranked 11

1 – God of War 2 (2007)

Historical past has been incredibly variety to God of War 2, as it’s however living rent absolutely free in the pantheon of all-time action greats, even this considerably taken off from the PS2 era.

While God of War 3 will make it on a ton of top 3 lists: I discovered it to be extremely bombastic at points, and drawn out with a handful of of its surroundings/level selections. God of War 2 on the other hand is a nonstop thrill ride and accomplishes every little thing it sets out to do.

Like several major tier motion video games, I maintain nearly anything that can give you a excellent blend of humanoid and monstrous manager fights in significant regard. Devil May possibly Cry gave us faceoffs from Vergil. Ninja Gaiden had the Spider Clan. God of War 2 has Perseus, Icarus, Zeus, and Theseus: even though throwing out iconic creatures like the Kraken.

It boosts what arrived before it with the impactful, but surpassed original God of War, and it provides one of the most all-encompassing fantasies of immersing oneself in (tearing aside) Greek mythology that the series has at any time supplied us. Although most of the franchise is tethered in Greece (which include the spinoffs), God of War 2 was the a single that seriously nailed it, and felt like a “greatest hits” of the time period.

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