The MIX 10th Anniversary Showcase: Best Games And Trailers

The MIX 10th Anniversary Showcase: Best Games And Trailers

The Media Indie Exchange held its The MIX 10th Anniversary Showcase on March 22, featuring a wide variety of indie games over nearly 2.5 hours. Dozens of games were shown during the event, including strategy titles, shooters, action games, and adventure games, and we narrowed down some of our favorite trailers and demonstrations. Here are some of our favorite games from the MIX 10th Anniversary Showcase.

Cassette Beasts

Sporting a mix of 2D pixel art characters and 3D environments similar to Octopath Traveler, Bytten Studio’s Cassette Beasts puts a unique spin on turn-based RPGs. Using a special fusion system, you can combine two monsters in order to make your own. It’s coming to Xbox, including Game Pass, as well as PC and Switch.

Have A Nice Death

Think it would be easy to be the Grim Reaper? Think again. Have A Nice Death, now available in early access on Steam, tasks you with showing with you’re the king of the underworld while mastering more than 30 weapons and abilities.


Cats are great. The only thing that could make them better is if they didn’t poop in your shoes… and if they could help you make amazing tea. Just make sure it’s up to par, as the Pekoe kitties are very particular about their brews.

Card Shark

Card games can often involve a lot of luck if you want to win. With Card Shark, done in a gorgeous Victorian-esque cartoon style, luck has nothing to do with it. Coming up with creative ways to cheat is how you guarantee victory. Just don’t get caught.

Definitely Not Fried Chicken

Ever want to become Gus Fring from Breaking Bad? Well, that’s a little weird, but you can basically do just that in Definitely Not Fried Chicken. Your front company better be legitimate, or the real money-making operation behind the scenes will come crumbling down.


Give a spider a lightsaber and very violent things will happen. You just better hope that, as is the case in Spiderheck, the spider has another spider to occupy its attention. This ridiculous dueling came has both eight-legged creatures swinging around an arena, desperately trying to score that killing blow.

Lords of Ravage

Why try to crawl through a dungeon to defeat a boss when you can be the boss? Lords of Ravage lets you do just that, letting you use your minions and your wits to defeat the would-be heroes coming toward your position.

Kaiju Wars

Take Advance Wars and mix it with Godzilla or Pacific Rim, and you have Kaiju Wars. Taking place on small grid-based maps, the battles see you throwing everything humanity has at these giant monsters, which are quite destructive but equally predictable.

Project Warlock 2

A breakneck first-person shooter combining the smoothness of modern gaming with a retro aesthetic, Project Warlock 2 looks like what you think Doom looked like if you haven’t played it in years. There’s even a Super Shotgun, but also melee weapons and magical abilities to help you really bring the hurt to waves of demons.


An exploration game with a definite Inside and Limbo vibe, Silt allows you to possess other creatures to help you survive, which will be a challenge considering how many of them want to kill you. The minimalist presentation and atmospheric soundtrack set it up to be mysterious in the best way possible.