The biggest gaming news of the week: July 29, 2022

The biggest gaming news of the week: July 29, 2022

An additional summer months month is approximately behind us. Thank goodness, for the reason that the by no means-ending flood of depressing headlines gets outdated. At minimum video clip game titles can choose our minds off everything, if only for a short second in time.

In a awesome adjust of pace from past week, the video games marketplace was booming with significant tales. Launch date information for Planet of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Traditional and Warhammer 40,000: Darktide came out of nowhere — proving that environmentally friendly orcs punching every other is continue to a valid enterprise enterprise for developers. You should, tabletop connoisseurs, do not get upset at us for mentioning people two franchises in the exact sentence. Let us all just collectively groan that Lord of the Rings: Gollum was delayed again.

Alright, more than enough lollygagging. Time to seem at the most outstanding video match-related headlines from this 7 days.

Okay, let us rip off this band aid straight absent: Aspyr’s remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) isn’t coming out whenever soon. It’s been delayed indefinitely, even. The rumor mill went wild with this just one, but evidently, administration at Aspyr wasn’t satisfied with how points had been progressing and fired two key director’s driving the task. At first slated for this drop, the video game possibly will not release right until 2025 — big ouch.

This one is bizarre. Jurassic Planet, the multimillion-dollar dinosaur film franchise, was originally a video game pitch. Seamus Blackley, most effective recognised for generating the original Xbox, was doing the job with Steven Spielberg on a Jurassic Park franchise revival numerous several years back. Exclusively, a game called Jurassic World. Regrettably, because of to studio shakeups, all tasks linked with that relaunched had been canned. Blackley then despatched every thing to some producers that would go on to make the true Jurassic Planet movie. 

GTA Online female protagonist

You should choose all of what you are about to go through with a grain of salt. GTA 6 is in development and may have a playable Latina as just one of the sales opportunities. The story seemingly will take cues from Bonnie and Clyde’s actual-world exploits as well. Pretty cool idea, huh? Some people are not into it, but they need to have to unwind. We really do not even know if any of this will make it to the remaining product or service!

The legendary ‘oof’ audio effect from Roblox is very long long gone, and supporters unquestionably hate it. It turns out the audio is really from an previous very first-person shooter called Messiah. Roblox Company allegedly doesn’t want to fork out for the licensing costs, so ‘oof’ as we know it is no much more. Farewell, outdated friend.

There is in all probability not been a group-pushed story this great in several years. Two months back, an individual posted on Reddit about obtaining a secret church in Nier: Automata that no person had observed before. In excess of the past week, they bit by bit uncovered video proving the spot was true. Nicely, sort of, the grand revelation was that it was a labor of appreciate by 3 modders. Chat about pulling a very good previous-fashioned bamboozle. Fans went ballistic in extra strategies than a person. The complete saga is difficult to do justice in a transient summary, but know that things like this almost never transpires.

Appear, Ultimate Fantasy 14 has superb characters. Lots of consider it has some of the greatest in movie video game heritage (me). Nicely, one previous villain from the video game is returning, and he’s scorching now. Write-up your Squidward memes in this article — admirers absolutely did. There’s practically nothing else to this story than every person enjoys a fictional bad person. Like, seriously. 

Well, that does it for gaming information for this 7 days. Until finally next time, folks!

Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GLHF.