The Biggest Gaming News For January 17, 2023

The Biggest Gaming News For January 17, 2023

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League suffers a leak and HBO’s The Last of Us is a big hit.

It’s been another very busy day in the games industry as the new year begins to kick things up a gear. We have a contender for the biggest leak of 2023 so far, as a screenshot of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has fans feeling a little bit wary.

Elsewhere, HBO’s The Last of Us show isn’t quite breaking records but is still a smash hit, while the Rainbow Six movie starring Michael B. Jordan has found a director. For all the details on these stories and more, just read on.

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suicide squad kill the justice league characters looking confused
via Rocksteady

Suicide Squad Devs Clarify Battle Pass System Following Leaks

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League suffered a pretty nasty leak earlier today, revealing a menu screen complete with multiple currencies and what appears to be a Battle Pass system. While the legitimacy of the leak was dodgy at the time, Rocksteady itself revealed that it was a real screenshot and explained some of the features. For example, the currencies shown are majoritively skill points for each character, while the Battle Pass will only include cosmetics.

joel protecting ellie in the last of us
via HBO

The Last Of Us Sits Behind House Of The Dragon For HBO’s Biggest Premiere In 13 Years

The first episode of HBO’s The Last of Us went live on Sunday, and it probably comes as no surprise that it’s a smash hit for the company. While it didn’t quite match numbers set by House of the Dragon in 2022, the show managed to pull in a whopping 4.7 million viewers, making it the second biggest premiere for HBO in 13 years.

John Clark from Without Remorse movie

Rainbow Six Movie To Be Helmed By John Wick Director Chad Stahelski

From television to movies now, as the Rainbow Six movie that is currently in production has finally found its director. The sequel to Without Remorse will be helmed by John Wick director Chad Stahelski with actor Michael B. Jordan expected to reprise his role as main character John Clark. No plot details or release date were announced, but Stahelski’s involvement is enough to excite any Rainbow Six fans out there.

An image showing an illustration of striking workers behind a Ubisoft logo

Ubisoft Paris Calls For Strikes Over Low Pay, “Exhausting” Development Cycles

Ubisoft Paris workers might be going on strike in the coming days, after union Solidaires Informatique claimed that CEO Yves Guillemot attempted to shift the blame onto workers for the publisher’s financial struggles. Employees were also reportedly told that “the ball is in your court” in an internal email regarding the publisher’s recent delays and cancellations, something else which has sparked outrage.

stray the outside cat leaving the walls ending

Stray Is Helping To Raise Money For Real-Life Stray Cats

Some more wholesome news to see you off now, as Stray publisher Annapurna Interctive is now helping to raise money for real-life stray cats. Working with organizations like Nebraska Humane Society, the publisher has been providing codes for Stray to use in raffles to raise funds for all the kitties out there that don’t have a home. Sweet stuff.

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