The Biggest Gaming News For December 26, 2022

The Biggest Gaming News For December 26, 2022

Marvel Snap suffers frame rate issues, Valve unveils Steam Replay 2022, and pictures from the cut content in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 resurface.

Welcome to the beginning of yet another work week unless of course you got the day off because of Christmas. In any case, I hope that you got some good gaming gear over the holidays. Now, I’m sure that you’ve been busy with friends, family, or you know, work, but assuming that you haven’t been keeping up with all of the latest news, let me get you back up to speed with everything that you may have missed. Today, we heard that some of the open world campaign pictures from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 have leaked, Marvel Snap’s new Vormir map seems to be slowing down the game, and Valve just revealed Steam Replay 2022. I know that you’re in a hurry, but these are just our top stories and so please do read on for the rest.


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Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Soldier featured in the center of image holding dual weapons. Roman numeral 3 in the background

Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Cut Open World Campaign Pictures Leaked

Pictures from the cut open world campaign that was going to be in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 have leaked, causing quite a stir in the community. These reveal what appears to be the Singapore hub in addition to what later became the Chinatown map along with a series of unfinished environments. These are definitely worth a quick look if you’re at all interested in level design.

Marvel Snap Will Add A New Way To Unlock Specific Cards Very Soon

Marvel Snap’s New Vormir Map Seems To Be Slowing The Game Down

The latest map in Marvel Snap, Vormir, appears to be slowing down the game, at least according to recent reports about the matter. “The fact that Vormir’s visual effect turns off even if your opponent plays a card is terrible,” someone for example said on Reddit. Another player responded, explaining how “it is a little weird. It’s never quite made me accidentally sacrifice someone, but it has given me some pause.” The issue even concerns actual frame rates. “The location where all the cards fight is also very laggy for me,” one more user on Reddit complained.

Duke Nukem

1990s Duke Nukem Forever Files Leak Online

The files for Duke Nukem Forever have apparently been leaked, attracting no small amount of attention within certain communities. “Christmas has another gift… a leak of another Apogee game project from the 1990s, the Duke Nukem Forever platformer,” the industry watcher Scott Miller said on Twitter. The game was of course famously canceled.


Valve Reveals Steam Replay 2022

Valve has now joined Sony and Nintendo in offering players a yearly wrap up, Steam Replay 2022. The idea is basically that you can log into the platform and see some statistics about what you’ve played of the course of this past year. The reception has mostly been positive, but some people have pointed out a couple of points for improvement. “Shame there’s no overall playtime breakdown in hours,” a user on Reddit for example remarked.


Leakers Reveal Original 1995 Prey Game Prototype

The prototype for the original Prey from 1995 has apparently turned up, something which is rather interesting all by itself, but given the popularity of this particular game, the leak has been raising quite a few eyebrows. “This is an early prototype of the game Prey by 3D Realms from November of 1995,” the leaker explains about the release, diving into the technical details. “You can either pass a map name as the argument when launching it like ‘prey demo4’ or once launched via ‘prey,’ press Tab to open the console and then type ‘load demo4.’ You’ll also notice several demos are available which can be played by using the ‘play demoname’ command.”

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