The best Twitter apps for Android (Updated April 2022)

The best Twitter apps for Android (Updated April 2022)

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over a whopping 200 million daily active users worldwide. Unlike other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has an active presence of many types of users, including celebrities, politicians, and business and media personalities.

The official Twitter app for Android has certainly improved over the years with new features to help it run smoothly; however, it’s not as robust as some of the third-party alternatives you’ll find on the Google Play Store. If you’re looking to kick you tweet game up a notch, try one of our favorite Twitter clients.

1. Official Twitter App

Let’s start with the OG—AKA the offical Twitter app. Put simply, it’s a solid choice if you’re just looking for something simple. Thanks to its intuitive and straightforward interface, users can easily understand what’s going on. Toggle to the pitch-black dark mode to interact with tweets more easily.


With a few simple clicks, you can also perform essential tasks like changing your account information and following, retweeting, liking, replying, blocking, saving tweets, and so on.

As the official Twitter app, it can receive new features earlier for beta users if you’re interested in testing them. You can also join and hold live streams and spaces.

2. Albatross for Twitter

Albatross is one of the newer third-party Twitter apps. It offers features such as list support, notification-type organization, and it supports all the different media formats that Twitter uses. Plus, you can enjoy Twitter without any pesky ads.

3. Fenix 2 for Twitter

If you were a fan of the original Fenix Twitter client, you’ll love Fenix 2. This sleek app is one of the most popular Twitter clients on the market, and for good reason.

Fenix 2 supports multiple accounts, thanks to its sophisticated user interface. Video, image, GIF previews on the app are gorgegous. The app also supports previews from external websites and social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and more.

You’ll find plenty of customization options on Fenix 2. Choose from various light and dark themes, and tweak the main screen to provide easy access to your saved lists or recent searches.

4. Hootsuite

Have you ever wondered how brands post on several different social media platforms simultaneously? Hootsuite is the answer. It’s one of the oldest social media management apps available, and is the favorite of many business owners.

Hootsuite ain’t cheap, but it can seriously amp up your social presence. The platform works with mulitple channels including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Enterprise customers will be happy to know that Hootsuite integrates with SocialFlow and many other third-party solutions.

While Hootsuite offers a free account with basic features, if you want to test drive some of its more advanced features you’ll have to spend at least $49 a month. If you’re a large company or work with an agency, you’ll want to reach out to the company directly for a demo and quote.

5. Talon for Twitter

Talon for Twitter is a paid-only app, but it isn’t as expensive as some of the others on this list, like Fenix 2 or Hootsuite. Talon follows Google’s Material Design and presents information in card format, which looks pretty clean. You’ll also find plenty of theme options. Choose from your favorite color in layouts to stand-out filters.

It sports a lot of cool featueres like, a do not disturb mode, Android Wear OS support, dual accounts a home-screen widget, an enhanced article reader mode, and a built-in photo editor and YouTube player.

6. Owly for Twitter

Owly is another new Twitter client available on the Google Play Store, with plenty of valuable features. The app is customizable, and you can craft tweets without any limitations. Browse through relevant Tweets for any topic and make the most of the new and advanced filtering.

Owly allows you to manage your tweets well, and you can easily hide any one you like and attach any regular media to your tweet. The app also stays up to date with the news or any other topic of your choosing.

7. Friendly for Twitter

Friendly is a simple Twitter client that enables you to perform the bare minimum that you’d want a third-party app to do. But sometimes simple is all you need, right?

While most other Twitter clients have some distinct features or cool characteristics, Friendly sticks to the basics. The app runs the web version of Twitter, and it’s lightweight and easy to use. It’s a great choice for budget phones or when you don’t have access to electric, since it requires few resources and has a built-in battery saver.

While Twitter is a great way to stay in the know, it’s easy to get sucked into everything that’s happening in the world. Android’s Digital Wellbeing helps you make mindful descisions around screentime and smartphone use.


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