The best tax apps for Android in 2022

The best tax apps for Android in 2022

The peak of the 2022 tax season is now behind us, so it is a perfect time to reorganize tax and accounting tools. There are many Android apps made to help with that, including ones to track expenses, scan documents, and help with tax preparation and filling. If you’re looking to balance your finances, maximize your return, or just make sure you file on time, these are the apps to check out.


CamScanner is not a dedicated tax app per se, but it can help greatly with scanning documents and receipts using your phone’s camera. The app supports multi-user collaboration — super useful if you’re planning to file taxes for a small business, for instance. You’ll also find OCR scanning to extract text from your photos and much more.

The basic version of CamScanner is free, but there are plenty of different subscription options to upgrade your experience. The Premium version costs $49.99 per year and supports high-quality scans, PDF password support, and auto-upload to the cloud, among other things.

There’s also a Business Version subscription for $69.99 per year. This higher-tier option includes all the Premium features and adds group administrators capabilities, remote access, and more.

Credit Karma

As the name implies, Credit Karma is best known for providing easy credit score tracking. However, the company’s tax preparation app is one of the best. Not only the Credit Karma app is visually clean and completely free, but it is also extremely easy to use, enabling the filing of state and federal taxes with the IRS.

There are also additional features worth mentioning here, including the ability to get the maximum refund, as well as checking credit reports and opening savings accounts.



Although Expensify is, first and foremost, an expense tracking service, the company’s app can help with tax filing by providing a range of useful features, including reimbursing cash expenses, sending invoices, and paying bills. It can even use GPS to automatically track your driving miles. The app itself has a modern look and is overall quite functional, particularly after the company’s latest update.

Expensify is not free, offering a number of subscription options specifically tailored for both companies and self-employed individuals instead. Those aforementioned services are available in an “unbundled” format or in a bundle that includes Expensify Cards and a virtual workspace for businesses.

H&R Block

H&R Block is one of the biggest firms in the U.S. that help with tax preparation, so it is only natural the company has an offering on the Play Store. The H&R Block app does not directly support tax claims submission, but it has plenty of useful features such as tax estimates, physical locations appointments, and upload of documents necessary for your appointments.

Users also get a free mid-year tax check-in and audit assistance and can use the H&R Block website to submit their taxes directly.


IRS2Go is the official app of the Internal Revenue Service, so it deserves a mention here. Despite not being on par with many of the alternatives on this list in terms of design, the IRS2Go app is quite functional.

The app provides several useful features, enabling users to check their tax refund status, make payments via IRS Direct Pay, and even access tax preparation assistance. The latter feature is particularly useful, packing in a lot of advice for individuals interested in learning more about taxes.

In addition, because it’s a government app, IRS2Go is free and does not contain any ads.


TurboTax is one of the best tax apps on the Play Store, for a number of reasons. Setting up an account is really easy here, and the app supports W-2 form scanning and submission. It also automatically scans applications before submission and warns users of possible mistakes, providing them with additional information regarding tax law, deductions, and entitlements, among other things.

Submitting W-2 forms is free, but TurboTax offers a wide array of subscription options for both sole traders and companies.

Hopefully, the apps helped you prepare for your next tax return. And since we’re talking money, it may be a good time to check the credit cards on your Google Pay account.


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