The best Reddit apps for 2022

The best Reddit apps for 2022

Reddit app developers don’t seem share the same enthusiasm as their fellow Redditors. The official Reddit apps on Android and iOS are average at best, and users have been long complaining about Reddit the glacial pace of updates. Here’s where third-party developers come in and save the day. Both the Google Play Store and App Store are packed with capable Reddit apps, and we have hand-picked the best eight options for you.

1. Sync for Reddit

Sync is one of the few third-party apps to adopt the Material You makeover. And oh boy! It’s eye-catching in every way. The Material You elements, animations, and icons are available all over the place. If UI is your priority in choosing a Reddit app, go with this one. You can even customize the theme color, and change color intensity.

Right from the start, Sync will ask you to set header, navigation type, and theming preference to customize your Reddit experience. The app offers multi-account support, per account setting profiles, the ability to sync read posts from mobile and desktop (via Reddit Gold, of course), and an advanced submission editor with in-built editing options. It has ditched the outdated hamburger menu that other apps still carry. If you are planning to use Sync on your Galaxy Fold, or Android tablets, the tablet mode has got you covered with dual-pane and tabbed comments.


2. Relay for Reddit

Relay has nailed the Reddit experience on Android with beautiful animations and intuitive gesture-based navigation. Swipe left on a post to glance through comments, share a post, or save it. You can use the same gesture on any comment to upvote/downvote or reply to it. All these gestures sum up flawless Reddit browsing on a small screen.

Speaking of adding or replying to comments, you have a rich text editor to fire up comments without switching to the desktop. Other add-ons include the ability to block users, filter content, and appearance customization. We hope to see Relay jump on the Material You trend in future updates.

3. Slide for Reddit

Slide has the best theming options of all Reddit apps on Android. The app asks you to choose the primary, accent color, and base theme right when you open it for the first time. Even the base theme isn’t limited to the usual light/dark selection only. You can go with a red shift theme, AMOLED black, sepia, and even play with a dark blue color.

While the default card-style UI might not be everyone’s cup of tea, you can completely change the post layout from the app’s settings menu. If you are working on a sketchy internet connection, you can sync your favorite subreddits and browse Reddit offline. Slide is optimized for Android tablets and comes with configurable columns and popup comments view.

4. Joey for Reddit

Joey delivers a useful full-screen mode to browse through Reddit posts on the go. Other apps have tried offering something similar, but Joey’s implementation beats them all. You can also read AMA (ask me anything) posts in magazine-style Q&A format.

Joe’s text to speech is another thoughtful add-on. If your routine includes a long commute, you can enable TTS (text to speech) and listen through your favorite subreddit posts. Users can even set intervals and track new comments on a post. Go to tracked post section from the hamburger menu and see all new comments on bookmarked posts.

If the default top menu view is hard to reach, you can use bottom navigation and bring it down. The implementation could have been better, but we are glad to see an option for it.

5. Boost for Reddit

Boost is right up there with rivals in terms of customization and overall features. Similar to Sync and Relay, Boost offers push notifications using the official Reddit app. You basically need to install the official Reddit app and sign in with the same account so that Boost can show its own notifications when a push notification from Reddit is received.

The feature list includes powerful filters, color-coded comments to enhance readability, navigation buttons to fly through comments, multiple widget options, and dozens of accent colors to create the perfect look.

6. Now for Reddit

Now for Reddit may look outdated compared to the competition, but it gets the job done with an easy-to-use interface and a bunch of thoughtful add-ons. You can change appearance, card style, change subreddit layout, and more.

Users can also disable gestures, set filters to remove NSFW content, or specific keywords, and utilize the built-in video player to watch YouTube videos without leaving the app.

So far, we have talked about unofficial Reddit apps on Android. Let’s have a look at a couple of options on iOS.

7. Apollo

Apollo is hands down the best Reddit app on iPhone and iPad. It comes with a tabbed interface for easy navigation and thoughtful gestures to enhance the overall experience. For example, you can swipe left on any post to add a comment or make a longer swipe to bookmark the post.

Apollo offers Face ID & passcode support to keep away prying eyes from your Reddit account. It also carries a long list of app icons to choose from. The app has a wide selection of widgets for iPhone and iPad in multiple sizes. The app comes with the Apollo Ultra subscription to unlock more features like app theming, custom app icons every month, and most importantly, real-time notifications

8. BaconReader

While BeaconReader is nowhere near close to Apollo in terms of look and overall functionality, it does offer a good enough experience to ditch the official Reddit app. BaconReader offers compact mode and a gallery view to let you browse more posts at a time.

You can bookmark a subreddit, keywords for quick access, without adding them to the front page. A dedicated iPad support is available as well. Advanced search is unique add-on to trim down the search queries by author, flair, self, site, and subreddit.

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