The best navigation and map apps on Android 2022

The best navigation and map apps on Android 2022

As adventurous as you may be, some trips are too important to risk getting lost. While the Play Store provides great apps for video calling and other means of bypassing distance barriers, mobile devices are also perfect for personal navigation. Their portable nature makes them suited to guide you on your travels, providing helpful information and directions, all from the convenience of your pocket. AP doesn’t want you to be late for your important engagements, so we’ve assembled a roundup of the best map and navigation apps on the Play Store, and many of which make up the best Android apps available to date.


Waze Navigation & Live Traffic


A good option for a simple GPS app, Waze Navigation & Live Traffic provides everything you need for a Google Maps substitute, with sufficient quality to serve as a viable alternative. The feature list is short and sweet for this app. Traffic reports and smart route planning keep your journeys as short as possible, with a customizable GPS function sporting a variety of voice options. One noteworthy feature is streaming music and podcasts through the app to reduce instances of your GPS interrupting what you’re listening to while driving. Minor issues like the interface being a little cluttered and the ETA predictions being unreliable don’t serve to ruin the experience. Waze Navigation & Live Traffic is definitely worth a try.

OsmAnd — Maps & GPS Offline

A versatile little app, OsmAnd — Maps & GPS Offline offers an offline GPS service for many different vehicles and on-foot navigation. You can apply filters to the provided maps for different kinds of locations, from convenience stores to local attractions. You can also switch the type of map to represent different terrain, a useful feature for foot hikes and cycling trips. OsmAnd — Maps & GPS Offline contains a GPS service with an impressive amount of customization options to play around with. Ultimately, this app is better suited to off-the-road exhibitions and adventures rather than vehicle journeys. It showcases an aspect of mobile devices that can go unnoticed by some, the ability to electronically store a database of traditional fixed maps. If you like that idea, OsmAnd — Maps & GPS Offline works a treat.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps


If you’re looking for a reliable app for getting from point A to point B, You could do worse than Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps. Boasting regularly-updated maps of every country in the world that can be accessed offline, the app offers a quality service for those looking to travel abroad. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps provides a live GPS feature, along with a whole host of safety features. The app does have some issues with traffic rerouting and occasionally requiring internet connectivity when it shouldn’t have to. Despite this, Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps provides a decent service for both on and off-the-road travel, with an adequate feature list to keep you on the road with confidence.

Circuit Route Planner

An excellent tool for couriers, Circuit Route Planner provides a decent feature list for getting your packages out on time. Utilize the best of existing GPS apps like Google Maps and Waze to keep your journeys swift and succinct. You can also take stock of where a particular delivery item is in your vehicle, saving you time at the delivery location. Features for locating the most optimal route concerning traffic and vehicle size are included but can be faulty and incorrect, although other features endeavor to compensate. A slew of included features allows you to schedule your deliveries, including ETA between delivery stops and for the delivery job overall. Courier work is extremely important, so a keen sense of direction and talent for time management skills are in high demand.

Petal Maps – GPS & Navigation

A solid and versatile application, Petal Maps – GPS & Navigation provides a variety of features that give you 360-degree awareness of what’s around you. The app plans out the best route to your requested location, taking traffic congestion into account while guiding you. Institutions on the way to your destination are all taken into account by Petal Maps, allowing you to customize which places for the app to point out. It’s also useful for cycling and public transport, having modes designated for each. Information can also be shared with other users of the app while on the road, a unique feature for a travel app. The option to download maps for use offline also caters to hikers, cyclists, and those stranded. There’s barely anything to dislike about this app, so it’s recommended, especially if you want something a bit more unique for exploring.

GO Navigation – GPS Sat Nav

Another simple one, GO Navigation doesn’t reinvent the wheel but delivers exactly what’s promised. Features include alerts for traffic, road accidents, and speed cameras, in addition to the cheapest source of fuel along the way. The route planner updates in real-time to keep track of any road hazards or delays in your path, though there are some reported issues with the app losing the user during journeys, requiring a reset. This will affect some users more than others, but it’s fairly inconsistent and can be ignored for the most part. GO Navigation also supports truck journeys, including features that track gas stations along your route and can alter your path if any of the cargo in your vehicle is dangerous. This makes GO Navigation – GPS Sat Nav a fairly good choice for both casual and professional travel.

AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run

Let’s slow down a bit and talk about an app for more active means of travel. AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run caters specifically to hikers and cyclists, boasting features that provide thousands of locations perfect for outdoorsy people. The app even advertises famous hiking and cycling routes in your area, whether they’re dog-friendly, child-safe, or wheelchair accessible. You can also filter the routes by length, customize them based on your fitness level, and track your progress along those trails as you traverse them. The interface can be slightly fiddly with some connectivity issues, but offline maps remedy this issue to a certain extent. If you don’t want to fork out for a Fitbit, AllTrails is a great way to plan routes for exercise on the cheap.


MAPS.ME offers the standard trappings that you’d expect from a competently put-together navigation app, in addition to some features perfect for tourists. The app provides travel guides for specific locations around the world, ranging from rural to industrial. It also provides insight into hiking trails and other neat details that other navigation apps miss. MAPS.ME is also available in an impressive number of countries all across the globe, meaning you can start finding a place to have dinner before the plane even touches the tarmac. The app also allows you to book your stay in thousands of hotels, all within the application itself. Stability is fairly good, with some reports of minor app crashes and ambiguous directions being hardly deal breakers. A slightly more concerning issue is the app sometimes forgets what side of the road you are supposed to be driving on, although this shouldn’t be a problem for seasoned drivers. Check out if you’re planning a holiday and want an eye on the inside.

Hope you packed your bags!

Navigation apps are pretty widespread on the Play Store, and the apps excel when used on any of the best android phones available, as you want to ensure your hardware is up to snuff to ensure a constant GPS connection. A safety net when traveling is important, even if you like the idea of getting lost and having an adventure; it’s better to be safe than sorry. Whether you’re planning your dream holiday, taking a trip to a job interview, or are late for your wedding, there’s no shame in packing your favorite electronics for travel while asking the Play Store for directions.