The best entertainment apps on Android in 2022

The best entertainment apps on Android in 2022

Smartphone culture has continually kept the world entertained with the thousands of apps available across Android. As long as your data signal is good enough, there’s enough video, audio, editorial, and gaming content to last entire lifetimes. The best thing about many of the most satisfactory entertainment apps available on the Play Store is that they work with various mobile phone tiers, from the best high-end Android phones to the best budget Android handsets in 2022.

To help you weed out the clutter, here are some of the most entertaining apps one can download from the Google Play Store right now.



One of the most diverse video streaming services available, Hulu is known for its mix of on-demand releases of recently aired television shows, various films, and original content. On a base subscription level of $7.99 a month, users get access to a wide range of television series in addition to different films with ads. For a monthly $14 fee, users get everything minus intrusive ads. One of the best deals is the $69.99 Hulu + Live TV with Disney+ and ESPN that grans everything in the base tiers alongside access to live television and access to Disney+ and ESPN.

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass

Attitudes about the usefulness of streaming video games via the internet are still polarizing at this point. However, this hasn’t stopped Microsoft from pushing its xCloud initiative through Xbox Game Pass. Though it’s not recommended to play faster pace shooters or racing games unless one has a really fast and strong connection, there are still plenty of games available that are slower-paced, and thanks to a new PWA 1080p streams and more stability are here, further improving the service. Most importantly, xCloud has a library of games that work great with a touchscreen or controller so that you can play on the go or at home quite easily.


Serving as one of the largest growing social media platforms, TikTok is home to various short 15-second videos. With over 1 billion daily users, viral video content usually ranges from funny memes to music-inspired challenges. TikTok’s music functionality is popular enough that many artists use the platform as a serious promotional tool, including Lil Nas X and Priscilla Block. Creating videos on the platform is intuitive despite the sheer amount of tools available.


The Amazon subsidiary features an incredibly large library of audiobooks and podcasts that can be listened to through purchase or subscription. Then there are Audible Originals featuring celebrity talent, including Kevin Hart and Kerry Washington. At the base $7.95-a-month Audible Premium plan, users get a large selection of audiobooks and podcasts, alongside other useful audio features like meditation and sleep tracks. The higher $14.95 Audible Premium Plus, grants all that is included in the base subscription alongside the choice of one selected audiobook.


Amazon’s e-book service offers nearly three million titles, split between everything from novels and mangas to periodicals. For $9.99 a month, users can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, which allows users to borrow up to 20 titles alongside full magazine subscriptions that won’t count toward borrowing limits. Amazon Prime members have access to around a thousand titles for free as well.

Pluto TV

Individuals who simply want to watch television on their Android devices without worrying about subscription fees will definitely enjoy Pluto TV. The free streaming service offers more than 250 channels alongside movies and television shows that can be watched on demand. Some of these changes include Newsmax, CNN, CBS News, People TV, and much more. Of course, the free nature of Pluto TV includes a heavy reliance on intrusive ads.


No doubt, Spotify is the biggest and most popular music streaming service on the planet. Besides offering music and podcasts, there’s a really cool social media aspect that gives insight into what your friends and family are into. On the free side of things, expect lower music quality alongside a smaller music library. Meanwhile, the $9.99 Spotify Premium plan removes ads and offers higher music quality.


Netflix on mobile is more than just watching a mix of films, television series, and original content. There’s also a lovely selection of mobile games available for subscribers. These titles include Stranger Things 3: The Game, Moonlighter, Xtreme Asphalt, and many, many more. When it comes to video content, users of the app have the ability to download movies and shows to view later without an internet connection, which is undoubtedly handy when traveling.


Before the eventual merger of HBO Max and Discovery+, HBO Max is still definitely one of the best subscription-based video streaming services out there. The service features content from HBO and Warner Bros. libraries alongside various content from DC Entertainment. HBO Max also features some movies that may be in theaters for the price of $9.99 a month, allowing anyone to view these movies early for a low price.


YouTube is the largest video streaming service that’s based around user-submitted content. There are millions of videos containing a wide range of various interests. Android users already entrenched in the Google ecosystem can enjoy other services tied to YouTube, including YouTube Premium, YouTube Kids, YouTube Music, and YouTube TV. It’s a versatile service that offers many different tiers and features, so there’s a good chance no matter your needs, you’ll find content that suits your interests.

What you should know about the best entertainment apps

Many of these apps listed today can potentially take a huge bite out of your data, so use these apps sparingly if on a limited data plan. To be on the safe side, it might be great to download needed content from their respective services before you head out, such as videos, audio, and e-books. Those who may be traveling can also screen mirror their favorite content from these services to hotel televisions, which means you’ll always have your content in your pocket ready to go.