The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Power Grid Fault Monitoring

The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Power Grid Fault Monitoring

HONG KONG, June 08, 2022 (Globe NEWSWIRE) — WIMI Hologram Academy, working in partnership with the Holographic Science Innovation Middle, has prepared a new specialized post describing their exploration of the software of Digital Reality know-how in ability grid fault checking. This report follows below:

The software of Digital Fact technology in power grid fault checking ability grid, also identified as a ability community, is the full composition of all voltage substations and transmission and distribution strains in the electrical power program. The power program is just one of the most complicated male-produced techniques, its broad geographical distribution, energy stability, electrical power transmission, electrical power transmission light speed, conversation scheduling really reliable, the serious-time procedure hardly ever prevent, major failure instantaneous growth, these attributes decide the electrical power technique working knowledge, rapid progress, loaded sort. Even though the scale of the electricity grid expands year by yr, it also places ahead greater and higher prerequisites for the safety, stability, and dependability of the ability grid.

Regardless of whether it is power grid arranging and style and design, or ability grid node fault detection, electrical power grid analysts need to grasp and examine the general operation of the energy program via digital simulation know-how. Scientists from WIMI Hologram Academy of WIMI Hologram Cloud Inc.(NASDAQ: WIMI), regarded that electronic simulation of the energy procedure has grow to be an essential software for experimental research, and planning, structure, and dispatching operation of the electricity system. The following are some integrated views of science and technology amid the researchers, which have reducing-edge guiding importance for “the application of virtual truth know-how in energy grid fault monitoring”.

1. Track record introduction

With the improvement of the intelligent grid and the regional interconnection of the countrywide electrical power procedure, numerous new electrical power, and new equipment are regularly signing up for, the scale of the existing energy grid is constantly expanding, and the electric power system is progressively complex, earning it extra complicated to observe, assess and command the electricity grid. The consequence data obtained by the electricity program simulation lastly want to be utilized via reasonable visualization means and corresponding investigation techniques to be understood by the workers. As a signifies for analysts to indirectly comprehend the operation state of the electrical power grid, the visual evaluation of electric power simulation data plays a important part in maintaining the secure procedure of the electricity grid program. In the system of operation of the electrical power grid technique, there will be specified knowledge distribution properties, and there might be area fluctuations and other irregular circumstances. By capturing these traits and abnormal states, analysts will then understand the operation position of the power grid and suggest specific methods and countermeasures.

2. Qualities of digital fact technological know-how

Digital reality know-how is a complete know-how, whose principal specialized connotation features personal computer graphics, multimedia technological know-how, human-computer system conversation technological innovation, and simulation technologies. With the maturity of laptop hardware and program situations, virtual reality technological innovation has appeared to explosive progress in recent yrs and has been commonly utilized in professional medical treatment, training, entertainment, field, armed service, and other fields. Virtual reality technological know-how establishes an artificially built three-dimensional virtual setting, which allows buyers to interact with objects in the virtual setting by natural means, significantly growing the human potential to have an understanding of, simulate and adapt to the earth. Digital actuality engineering has three characteristics: immersion, conversation, and conception. Users can talk and interact via pure interactive methods in pc-created digital scenes these kinds of as gestures and language and can get multi-channel information and facts feedback this kind of as visible, auditory, and tactile data, to feel the immersion and realism comparable to the true environment.

In the previous 5 many years, some virtual fact components products dominated by digital reality headsets have emerged in substantial figures. For substantial-dimensional information, specifically a few-dimensional spatial details, virtual reality technological know-how has fantastic exceptional advantages: The digital reality natural environment by itself is three-dimensional, and customers notice spatial information in the digital reality environment, theoretically no diverse from observing objects in the actual earth. As a result, the VR natural environment can bring the consumer terrific immersion the VR technique can get interactive facts by detecting the user’s head and hand movements. It adds immersion, even though it supplies much more human-computer interaction channels: in virtual actuality units, end users can use virtual fingers and rays to choose up and manipulate three-dimensional objects.

3. Application of digital reality technological innovation in electric ability procedure

The growth of integrated electrical power process regulation puts ahead a new demand for the thorough monitoring of substations, and the complete screen of substation checking details is turning out to be a lot more and far more significant. At present, the checking information and facts of the substation in the monitoring middle largely comes from two channels: One particular is the electrical amount and products position information and facts gathered by means of the SCADA(Supervisory Handle And Data Acquisition) method, and the other is to view the actual-time photos of the scene as a result of the movie monitoring machines, these two aspects of information and facts are not able to be immediately built-in into the exact same photo. These days, there are more and a lot more unattended substations, so it is complicated for monitoring personnel to enter the substation to realize the actual web site situation, and there is no crystal clear comprehension of the true scene of the substation. At the same time, for the reason that the monitoring personnel usually will need to be responsible for the monitoring get the job done to dozens of stations, the real condition of each and every substation is normally not recognized, and the modeling need of the substation is pretty significant.

In the area of substation simulation, 3-dimensional modeling has been used to model the most important and secondary tools in depth and can provide a 3-dimensional roaming conversation environment for the check out and operation of the actual products. Even so, this process establishes the substation product with a long modeling cycle and very poor product a number of qualities, which is not suitable for the monitoring of a large range of precise substation eventualities, so it are not able to supply handy monitoring for the built-in software of the regulation. Panoramic modeling by straightforward machines to consider panoramic pics, supplying a very simple and feasible three-dimensional panoramic display atmosphere, with the assist of the corresponding computer technological know-how can realize a comprehensive variety of the interactive show. The scene dependent on panoramic photo rapid modeling technology and electrical equipment info visualization, in a very simple 3 d ecosystem, scene impression exact display, superposition on 3 d visual screen content material, true-time exhibit of principal and secondary machines electrical status can give monitoring personnel in the exact same photo panoramic substation monitoring platform, can drastically improve the integration of substation checking info. At this time, some digital fact helmet products are mostly employed in the gaming and amusement places. Virtual fact headsets completely isolate people from the outside setting, giving better immersion and authenticity than standard surround-around projection screens. Through the use of digital fact technological know-how, it can deliver a pretty intuitive reference for the layout, organizing, task conclusion-creating, optimization, and evaluation of electric power engineering and electrical power gear, and can present a quite handy technological indicates for enhancing the technical scheme of the system and equipment.

In the cases of combining virtual reality technologies with power grid systems, the extensive greater part only include 3 d modelings, scene roaming, digital coaching, and other articles, and not often go deep into the subject of details visual assessment. For that reason, immersive virtual actuality know-how is released into the field of details visual evaluation of energy grid techniques, and quite a few humanized conversation strategies are proposed, so that electric power grid analysts can observe and review energy grid knowledge in a extra purely natural interactive way.

Right after a extensive time of development, virtual fact engineering has progressively penetrated all factors of the power process and has been commonly used in power engineering layout, simulation teaching, ability monitoring, and other hyperlinks. Power engineering design The standard electricity procedure structure is largely two-dimensional charts, in the system of structure and calculation, and verification, it is simple to show up inconsistent or not detailed troubles, the style efficiency, and financial efficiency are very low. Using digital reality technologies to layout the electrical power program can make the design and style approach of the 3 D ability device model much more intuitive and reasonable, and verify.

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