The 25 best games on Game Pass

The 25 best games on Game Pass

2023 will be an incredible year for the Xbox Game Pass subscription service from Microsoft Gaming. We may only be a month into the new year, but we’re already seeing some fantastic additions, from Hi-Fi Rush out of Xbox Game Studios to Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise. With hundreds of titles now available in the service for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC we know that it can be difficult to pinpoint the best Xbox Game Pass games. 

That’s why we’ve pulled through the entire catalog and put together a list of what we believe to be the best games on Game Pass. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a shooter fan looking to let off some steam or if you’re a role-playing enthusiast looking to lose yourself in another world, we’ve tried to cater for all types of players here. So if you’ve got an active Game Pass subscription for console or PC, or are just trying to get a sense of what’s out there before you take the dive, here are the 25 best Game Pass games available to be downloaded and played today.

Best Games on Game Pass for Xbox and PC

25. Quantum Break

Quantum Break

(Image credit: Remedy Entertainment)

Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Game Pass: Xbox