The 10 Best Apps You Can Use to Reduce Overtime Work

The 10 Best Apps You Can Use to Reduce Overtime Work

Do you always get tired from working? There’s a high chance that you are working more than you should. Overtime work is a major cause of stress. When you take up more tasks than necessary, you create room for overtime work that wears you out.

Did you know that you can prevent overtime work by using the right apps? Read on as we discuss the apps you need for that purpose.

Connecteam is an employee management application that allows you to track the work hours of your team members. With Connecteam’s built-in features, you can monitor your employees’ hours on projects, clients, and other delegated tasks.

Connecteam boasts of the following features:

  • Time Clock Pad: This feature enables you to save company time by monitoring where your employees are working from, tracking the time spent on specific projects.
  • Custom Scheduling: You can stay up to date on assignments, manage on-field activities and projects remotely with one-on-one chat features or group updates.
  • Custom Notification: You can make changes to projects and inform your team members about the latest developments on the job.

Calendly is designed to make finding and attending meeting times easy. You can connect your work calendar and choose specific dates you want to keep in view. It also helps in defining the duration of the meetings you attend.


Some Calandly features are:

  • Time Zone Detection: This is useful for teams that live in different time zones. It uses advanced time zone detection metrics to enhance collaborations between team members in different locations.
  • Custom Scheduling Notice: The Calendly scheduling notifies you in advance so that you can plan ahead of time for scheduled tasks and appointments and avoid last-minute meetings.
  • Team/Group Scheduling: It allows you to schedule individual meetings or with multiple members of your team. You can schedule your meeting within a specific period.

HotSchedules is a mobile app for scheduling tasks, tracking time, and keeping track of employees’ on-the-job activities. This is done by automating tasks such as creating employee schedules and communicating with your team members.

The HotSchedules app boasts of the following features:

  • Employee Scheduling Software: This feature allows you to approve or deny requests for a shift change with just a single click. It also lets you see a daily roster report that helps you figure out which employees are available for work.
  • Advanced Forecasting Solution: You can leverage the key performance indicator (KPI) of your staff on the App’s dashboard. You will have unrestricted access to an employee’s dedication to duty by evaluating projects they partake in.
  • Time Log: The time and attendance feature allows you to keep track of the clock-in and clock-out times of all your employees. You can also use this feature to set up alerts to notify your workforce when they miss a time punch.

Sling is an all-in-one tool that helps your business streamline employee scheduling, time tracking, and communication while saving valuable hours. It lets you make, manage, and share employee schedules quickly and efficiently.

As a productivity-enhancing tool, Sling boasts of the following features:

  • Shift Scheduling: It helps you organize your employees’ work schedules, so you can move on to other tasks.
  • Time and Attendance: This feature allows you to record employees’ shifts. It helps to cut business costs by taking accurate records of clock-ins, outs, and breaks of employees.
  • Labor Cost Optimization: The labor cost optimization feature allows you to keep an eye on your labor costs per period. You can also set weekly labor budgets for your locations, preferred hours, and overtime thresholds for your team.

Doodle is an online scheduling tool, mainly used to find near-accurate dates and times for employees and business client meetings. The tool works by first suggesting suitable dates and times for planned events.

The Doodle app boasts of the following features:

  • Meeting Automation: You can send a link to anyone who wants to book an appointment with you. The app sets an automatic reminder to help you with the appointment.
  • Gives You Control: Doodle puts you in control of meetings, giving you an idea of how many meetings you have to attend in a day and their durations.
  • Polling App: Every meeting attendee can choose from suggested meeting times in the poll. This feature makes it possible for you to know when it is best to hold meetings with colleagues.

Timely is designed to help you accurately capture, report, and invoice financial statements across your project portfolio. With this tool, you can track team members’ input, how much money each project brings in, and how much you need to pay each member of your team.

Some of the features of the Timely App are:

  • Client Management: Doodle enables you to create a detailed profile of your clients, before and after service. This helps with recurring projects with them.
  • Personalize Schedules: It helps you manage projects among your team by delegating tasks effectively. This feature lets teammates pick up from where they left off without any hassles.

ClickUp reduces overtime costs by up to 70 percent and saves time on the job. You can manage data, list tasks, and solve problems with the ClickUp system.

Here are some features of the ClickUp app:

  • Assignment Management: Paper-based assignments can take a lot of valuable time. ClickUp eliminates the need for printing, buying papers, and maintaining the photocopy machine.
  • Approval Process Control: Getting approval is one of the most time-consuming processes for organizations. As such, ClickUp makes the approval process seamless by relying on its on-the-spot updates of requests on the dashboard.

ClockShark is a scheduling tool that combines time tracking, work scheduling, job tracking, and team communication to enhance your workflow.

Some of the features of ClockShark include:

  • Track Time: ClockShark understands that time is of the essence. Hence, it ensures that you don’t waste time on essential administrative functions. It frees up space, so you can take on work that matters.
  • Accountability: Team members need to be accountable to the organization. ClockShark helps you keep a tab on your workers with a PIN or facial recognition technology to verify their identity and clock them in and out.
  • Track Projects: Transparency is a project manager’s best friend. As such, ClockShark helps you visualize projects, budgets, and staff contributions in real-time.

When I Work is an employee scheduling and communication app. The program provides a powerful tool for organizations to keep their employees’ schedules up-to-date.

The features of the When I Work tool include:

  • Employee Scheduling: Managers can schedule shifts and see who has viewed and attended to each schedule in their organization. Employees can confirm, manage, bid on, and swap shifts. This saves time and company resources on projects.
  • Communication: This feature allows managers to leave messages for team members, including documents and links. It also gives managers insight into how each shift went, even if they aren’t onsite.
  • Time-Off Management: With this feature, you can track and manage employees’ time off. The app can auto-deduct unpaid breaks so that employees are paid correctly. You can also approve or deny employee time-off requests in the app.

WorkComposer is a time tracking solution that helps organizations track and monitor the working hours of remote and distributed team members. The application allows supervisors to calculate employees’ overtime hours, capture screenshots, and store them in a centralized repository.

Some features of WorkComposer include:

  • Track Work Time: WorkComposer helps you keep track of your team and provides you with a detailed report that breaks down employee contributions to projects and assigned tasks. It also lets you know what projects and tasks are taking up most of your team’s time.
  • Create and Assign Tasks: The WorkComposer tool prioritizes and discusses your team’s work in the context of the entire project with complete transparency. You can also improve team performance via real-time data.
  • Automated Screenshots: WorkComposer allows you to take screenshots of employees’ computer screens every few minutes and provide insight into the amount of time they spend using the mouse and keyboard. Intervals for screenshots can be configured or randomized to make them unpredictable. This helps in cutting out employee redundancy.

Managing Overtime Work With Productivity Apps

Reducing overtime work entails good time management. You need to keep track of your time, so you don’t work beyond the required hours.

Time tracking software helps you analyze how much time is spent on a task or project. When implemented correctly, every minute of your time will be put to productive use, leaving no room for overtime work.

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