Retro Gaming Modder Creates A Fantastic Capture Cartridge For Nintendo’s Game Boy

Retro Gaming Modder Creates A Fantastic Capture Cartridge For Nintendo’s Game Boy

gb interceptor in action
The primary Recreation Boy is a single of the longest-lived and most-beloved video game units in heritage, but it has the same limitation as most handheld game methods: no video out. That suggests that speedrunners and streamers have to come across hacky workarounds if they want to broadcast their gameplay to some others. YouTuber Sebastian Staacks (regarded on YouTube as “there oughta be”) has devised the most sophisticated remedy still: a seize cartridge for the Activity Boy.
gb interceptor render

The product is recognized as the GB Interceptor and, right before you inquire, yes, you can get one particular yourself. It snaps into the cartridge slot of the handheld and then delivers its very own cartridge slot where you can set up a sport. From there, you simply link a USB Sort-C cable to the port on the aspect and then wire that up to nearly any fairly-modern-day Pc.

gameboy camera gb interceptor zoom
Sebastian comically factors out that you could be a part of a Zoom conference with the Game Boy Digicam.

The machine presents itself to desktops as a basic USB video clip class device—that is, basically, a webcam. That suggests it does not involve any specific motorists or software program, and you can capture the clean movie feed using the capture software program of your selection. It just isn’t suitable with some noteworthy devices, which include Apple Silicon-based Macs. That’s apparently down to a bug in MacOS.

So, how does it operate? Right after all, it is really not like the Match Boy sends a video feed to the cartridge port. This machine in its place incorporates an RP2040 microcontroller like the 1 located in the Raspberry Pi Pico. This minimal chip features a pair of ARM Cortex-M0+ cores that nominally run at 133 MHz. A modest overclock was essential to adequately operate the computer software for the GB Interceptor.
gb interceptor ;game screenshots
A modest collection of games examined on the GB Interceptor.

That program is in actuality a partial emulator for the Match Boy. The way it is effective is that the GB Interceptor results in its have digital duplicate of the genuine Match Boy’s RAM and merely executes all the similar code on all the exact facts that the authentic technique does. This ingenious method does a neat function-all-around of a ton of what would in any other case be constraints of a cartridge-slot-centered approach, like the inability to sample controller inputs. For the reason that it is really executing all the very same code, it will not want to know what the inputs were being, only what the success of the inputs were being.

gb interceptor bareboard
The bare GB Interceptor board. You can have to fabricate your own casing.

There are nevertheless some restrictions, of system. For just one factor, the emulator would not manage audio at all, so if you want game audio along with your movie stream, you are going to have to get it from the system’s headphone jack and merge the two yourself. It will also split on certain games that use esoteric components features, and it only supports first Sport Boy video games, not Activity Boy Colour or Advance titles.

If you would like to get your possess GB Interceptor, know that it’s likely to consider a small accomplishing. Although the venture is open up-supply, you are unable to just get a accomplished unit off the shelf. Sebastian has a guideline on his YouTube channel that will wander you by means of the method of purchasing and assembling a person, but you may well want to hold out right up until some intrepid reseller commences shipping pre-developed units. Sebastian expects the device price to be all-around $50.