[RETRO GAMING] Do You Remember ‘Skies of Arcadia’?

[RETRO GAMING] Do You Remember ‘Skies of Arcadia’?

If you are fan of the Skies of Arcadia, most likely you might be a single of these who have been waiting around for a sequel all these yrs.

Throughout the 20th anniversary of the activity in 2020, Kenji Hiruta, ex-developer of the Skies of Arcadia at Sega, hinted over Twitter that a sequel may possibly transpire in the long run. But two yrs after, the hope for a sequel has absent bleak.

The video game was really well known when it was launched in 2000. In fact, it is regularly regarded as a person of the greatest games for the Dreamcast. Extra than two many years right after it was launched, does it however have the same appeal that it employed to have?

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How Does the Gameplay of the ‘Skies of Arcadia’ Work?

Skies of Arcadia is a function-enjoying video clip game, which was made by Overworks for the Dreamcast. The activity was revealed by Sega in 2000. 

In the recreation, gamers regulate Vyse, a youthful air pirate, and his pals. They test to end the fictional Valuan Empire from reviving historical weapons, which could perhaps established the planet into chaos.

In 2002, a port for the GameCube, retitled as Skies of Arcadia Legends, was unveiled, as per Twin Shockers.

Skies of Arcadia has an emphasis on earth exploration. Its gameplay has similarities to early 3D Closing Fantasyand Dragon Quest games.

To get paid factors in the sport, the participant engages enemies in flip-based battles.

The game’s overworld has 6 regions, which can be explored by traveling airships in 3D room. Gamers will be rewarded with extra points when they learn concealed locations. 

As the globe map begins out blank, gamers chart it by exploration. During exploration, the player could recruit figures.

When gamers are docked on landmasses or warships, they have to investigate on foot. So, the gameplay alternates amongst checking out cities and generating progress by means of the dungeons.

Players take a look at towns to invest in tools in buy to make the character more powerful. It is also important to interact with non-playable people for the story to progress.

Players also need to have to examine dungeons in the format of a maze. Players need to have to navigate it  to get beneficial things in treasure chests while getting on enemies in random battles. 

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The Sequel of the ‘Skies of Arcadia’ That Never Materialized

On Oct 5, 2020, the Skies of Arcadia celebrated its 20th anniversary. 

All through the celebration of its 20th anniversary, developer Kenji Hiruta has renewed phone calls for a sequel to the RPG. Hiruta was just one of the programmers on the Skies of Arcadia.

With the anniversary celebration, he available to send one particular fan an exclusive piece of artwork if they unfold the word with regards to the contact for the game’s sequel.

The art that Hiruta presented came from Itsuki Hoshi, another Skies of Arcadia developer. To participate, all you have to do is retweet Hiruta’s message.

The concept powering the connect with is that Sega will detect it and will choose to renew its very long-abandoned strategies for a Skies of Arcadia 2, in accordance to Eurogamer.

However, the connect with for a sequel unsuccessful as two many years after, Sega nonetheless not created a remaster of the activity.

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