Octo is a new Android malware that can steal banking details, let hackers perform remote commands

Octo is a new Android malware that can steal banking details, let hackers perform remote commands

A new malware is now plaguing Android products and can accomplish on-gadget fraud applying distant obtain abilities. Named Octo, the malware is equipped to take management of the machine and carry out distant commands on it, compromising vital information which include the banking details of the consumer.

Octo has been spotted by researchers at ThreatFabric, with a pursuing report indicating how the malware is becoming distribute by way of darknet forums and quite a few danger actors are hunting to purchase it. The report mentions that the Octo Android malware has progressed from ExoCompact, another malware variant dependent on the Exo trojan which had its supply code leaked in 2018.

The huge variation concerning the two, as highlighted in a new report by BleepingComputer, is that Octo will come with an sophisticated distant obtain module. This module helps hackers complete on-system fraud, as it lets them regulate the compromised Android device remotely by means of a live monitor streaming module which is up-to-date every 2nd.

The moment in put on a compromised device, Octo works by using a black monitor overlay to cover the distant operations remaining carried out on the product. Together with the overlay, the malware sets screen brightness to zero and disables all notifications of the product by activating the “no interruption” manner. It then seems as if the device is turned off, leaving the machine owner clueless as to what is heading on within. Meanwhile, the malware is equipped to carry out commands remotely.

Some of these tasks that the malware is capable of accomplishing incorporate “display faucets, gestures, textual content crafting, clipboard modification, facts pasting, and scrolling up and down,” as for every the report.

Apart from the remote accessibility technique, Octo also functions a potent keylogger that can keep track of and capture all victims’ actions on contaminated Android devices. This listing of commands extends to contain blocked push notifications, SMS interception, short-term display lock, sound disable, distant software start, begin/stop distant obtain session, open up specified URL and even send out SMS to a certain cellphone selection.

The a lot more devious operate of the Octo malware is that it carries a powerful keylogger, which can be applied to keep track of and report all of the user’s steps on the contaminated Android devices. Making use of the keylogger, a hacker can report the PINs entered by the user or the internet sites opened or the components clicked on the system, essentially supplying absent critical facts which can be used to map the baking particulars of a person.

The report mentions that Octo is becoming bought on on-line discussion boards by a menace actor using the alias “Architect” or “goodluck.” It is remaining spread by applications like “Rapidly Cleaner” and “Pocket Screencaster” [since removed], bogus browser update notices as properly as bogus Perform Retail store application update warnings. Android consumers are as a result advised to keep obvious of such malicious applications and only rely on apps from dependable sources on their devices.

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