Most Played Games in 2022, Ranked by Peak Concurrent Players

Most Played Games in 2022, Ranked by Peak Concurrent Players

While there’s been no shortage of games released over the past few years, you might be surprised to learn that majority of the most played games in 2022 are actually much older. Here we’re recapping the top 10, which we’ve based on data provided by publishers/developers, as well as various analytics sites.

Editor’s note: Valheim has been dropped from this list despite its record concurrent being higher than Apex Legends, simply because the Apex numbers do not include console and Valheim has since slipped to less than 100,000 concurrent players. Games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Valorant are not included here because the publishers of these games have never officially released any data on concurrent player numbers.

Update 06/13/2022: Updated numbers and changed order of several games accordingly. Added one new game.

Update 12/22/2021: Added two new games, switched order accordingly.

10. Apex Legends – 411,183 (Steam)

Most Played Games in 2022

Respawn’s Apex Legends stealth dropped out of nowhere and then proceeded to take the battle royale genre by storm. It proved the perfect recipe of compelling gameplay, AAA production quality, and a free-to-play business model that saw it succeed in temporarily dethroning Fortnite and PUBG as most-played and most-watched multiplayer games.

The numbers have definitely dipped since its opening month saw a record 2 million concurrent players, but despite the occasional bump along the way, its community has remained pretty sizeable. It’s safe to say that Apex has muscled its way into the genre and secured its place for the foreseeable future.

So far, Apex Legends has peaked at 411,183 on Steam alone in 2022. With console numbers added in there, we wouldn’t be surprised if the total was edging a million on a good day.