Modder makes an Apple M1-powered Wii for retro gaming

Modder makes an Apple M1-powered Wii for retro gaming

Nintendo Wii with Apple M1 inside

Apple’s newest Mac Mini and Nintendo’s 2006 Wii console are similar sizes, and that’s ample to get a modder’s head performing. Combining the power of Apple’s small desktop and own silicon and the nostalgia of the adorable 16-12 months-outdated console, YouTuber Luke Miani showed specifically what can occur when you cross an Apple Mac Mini with a Nintendo Wii.

Miani mentioned that Apple’s moment desktop and Nintendo’s dated console have identical proportions. The Mac Mini is 7.7×7.7×1.4 inches, and the Wii was (per PCWorld via Wayback Device) 8.5×6×~2 inches. Miani sought to make the Mac Mini less “tedious” by transferring its internals into a Wii.

Wii on the outside, Mac Mini (mostly) on the inside. Miani had to 3D print a bracket to mount the parts inside the Wii's chassis.
Enlarge / Wii on the outdoors, Mac Mini (mostly) on the inside. Miani had to 3D print a bracket to mount the pieces within the Wii’s chassis.

Despite the fact that the devices are related measurements, Miani experienced to shave down the top of the Wii’s chassis so it could suit I/O ports where by the Wii’s controller connectors are. He also experienced to do some tweaking to guarantee the entice doors there however shut.

The I/O ports are where Wii controllers used to go.
Enlarge / The I/O ports are where by Wii controllers made use of to go.

Miani also desired a more compact enthusiast than the Mac Mini comes with. He opted for a 12 V enthusiast, which he reported transpired to be the same dimensions as the admirer that initially arrived inside the Wii. As we have realized from methods like the MacBook Air, Apple’s M1 chip can function swimmingly without having a supporter. On the other hand, Miani famous temperatures (he didn’t specify if he intended skin temperatures or normally) speedily strike 100° Celsius on his mod devoid of a fan and would then throttle. The YouTuber claimed his mod scored 7,342 on the Cinebench R23 benchmark, in contrast to 6,158 without the need of a fan, and 7,725 with the Mac Mini’s unique supporter.

A new electricity option was also needed simply because the Mac Mini’s 150 W electric power source wouldn’t healthy. The Wii’s electrical power provide wasn’t powerful adequate to run the technique with no throttling beneath peak load. So, the DIYer inevitably slash the finish off the Wii charger and related it to the charger for a Microsoft Floor. The power then travels through a buck converter and then the system’s logic board.

The back of Miani's mod.
Enlarge / The again of Miani’s mod.

The YouTuber praised his venture as getting “arguably quite practical,” because of to the M1’s claimed proclivity for retro game emulation. Miani’s video concluded with him employing his Apple Wii to play Mario Kart Wii upscaled for his 4K Tv set, and Mario Kart: Double Sprint!! and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for Nintendo GameCube. Miani also mentioned he used the Nintendo Mac Mini to participate in PlayStation 2 online games properly.

You can watch Miani’s complete video below:

Converting an aged Wii into an M1 Mac mini was the very best strategy.