How to lock a hard drive with a password in Windows 11

How to lock a hard drive with a password in Windows 11

So long as your existing hardware can support it, Windows 11 is a free download to existing Windows 10 devices.

In this post, I will notify you how to lock your hard push with a password working with windows in-designed feature BitLocker. This is a good way to secure your data files from prying eyes and continue to keep your program safe.

What are the gains of locking a hard drive?

There are quite a few advantages to locking your hard push with a password. Some of these benefits include:

  • Shields info from staying accessed by any individual who does not have your password.
  • Prevents cyber attackers from putting in malware on the pc.
  • Stops unauthorized copying of documents on USB flash drives or exterior tricky drives.

What is BitLocker?

BitLocker is free of charge software package from Microsoft that lets you to encrypt your complete hard push. It does this by developing a virtual encrypted disk inside of the actual physical disk. This is accomplished in such a way that all facts saved on the generate can only be accessed when applying an approved password. It is a great plan to use BitLocker with a password you have in no way applied somewhere else.