How to enter recovery mode in Windows 11

How to enter recovery mode in Windows 11

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  • If you wonder how to enter recovery mode in Windows 11, it is very similar to Windows 10.
  • There are multiple ways to achieve these, and they are all simple to use.
  • You can also reset your computer without losing your files if recovery mode doesn’t work.

recovery how to enter recovery mode windows 11


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Recovery mode is a great tool for users who are experiencing regular problems with their computer, as it can assist them in diagnosing the issues that are causing the system to malfunction, or throw error messages, thus we will show you today how to enter recovery mode in Windows 11.

Users can boot their computers into recovery mode, which provides a more stripped-down experience by deactivating some programs and drivers.

This provides a better experience for people who are trying to figure out what is wrong with their computers. Follow along as we will walk you through the process of entering recovery mode in Windows 11, right after we see in more detail what it is.

What does recovery mode do?

Recovery mode makes it possible to debug, repair, and restore the system, which is a recovery environment (WinRE) featuring a number of Advanced Startup Options.

recovery mode how to enter recovery mode windows 11

More specifically, the recovery mode in Windows 11 inherits the majority of the recovery options from previous operating systems such as:

  • Startup Repair – Checks for and corrects issues that prevent Windows from loading.
  • System Restore – If your computer is experiencing system troubles, you can restore it to a prior restore point.
  • System Image Recovery – Restore your computer from a system image backup that was taken before.
  • Command Prompt – Advanced troubleshooting can be accomplished by using a variety of command-line options.
  • Startup Settings – Change the way Windows starts up and see if it helps with debugging.

For more information on what these Windows 11 recovery methods are intended to do, check the Microsoft page on the subject. If what you truly want to do is just enter it, all you have to do is follow one of the below methods.

How can I enter recovery mode in Windows 11?

1. Via Settings

  1. Go to the Settings app, then navigate to Recovery under the System section.recovery-page how to enter recovery mode windows 11
  2. Here you will need to click on the Restart now button next to Advanced startup. That’s it! Your PC will enter recovery mode.restart-now-button how to enter recovery mode windows 11

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2. Press F11 during the system startup

This is one of the most basic approaches to enabling recovery mode to be used. Users can enter recovery mode by pressing the F11 key immediately after powering on their computers.

It should be noted, however, that this strategy may not be compatible with all PCs. Some may use the F9 or F12 keys, so verify with the PC maker to ensure that this is the case.

3. Restart and press Shift

  1. Click on the Start icon then tap on the Power button.start-power how to enter recovery mode windows 11
  2. Press and hold the Shift button and click on Restart now. That’s it! You will be now redirected to the recovery mode menu.

4. Use CMD

  1. Enter the Command Prompt as described below:cmd-search-result how to enter recovery mode windows 11
  2. Now type or copy paste the following command and let it run. You will be redirected to the recovery mode menu: shutdown /r /oshutdown how to enter recovery mode windows 11

You may find yourself addressing a problem that necessitates restarting your computer in Safe Mode numerous times. If you have to go through the entire method we’ve just described every time you restart your computer, it can become a real hassle.

The System Configuration tool included with Windows provides the opportunity to enable the safe boot option for your computer. When you restart the PC, this effectively compels Windows to boot into Safe Mode every time you do so.

For more information and potential methods to enter recovery mode, take a look at our post on how to enter recovery mode in Windows 10.

Alternatively, check out how to fix the Windows Update troubleshooter in Windows 11 if you want to fix your computer issues in other ways as well.

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