Here’s what the IT guys call you behind your back

Here’s what the IT guys call you behind your back

Your information technology support person may use some unflattering words to describe clients.

I utilized to be in tech assistance. It is a challenging, aggravating, and frequently thankless career that exams the limitations of your endurance. But it can also be gratifying when you take care of what looks impossible to the consumer.

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Like most specialists, IT individuals have their personal lingo. In this article are 10 insider words and phrases that you could hear that describe you:

1. EEOC 

An IT professional entirely understands smartphones, desktops, networks, tablets, routers, Wi-Fi, working programs, firewalls, Bluetooth, components, updates, safety, and lots of extra products and systems.

If an IT professional says in front of you, “I’d enjoy to aid, but it is an EEOC difficulty,” they are secretly mocking you. They believe that that you’re never ever, at any time, ever going to be equipped to use no matter what system you known as them about.

EEOC is quick for “Equipment Exceeds Operator Capabilities.”


This verbal shortcode is like EEOC but stands for “Equipment Smarter Than Operator.”