Group Messages Not Working On Android? Try These Fixes

Group Messages Not Working On Android? Try These Fixes

With just one billion downloads, Google Messages is just one of the most common Messaging apps for most Android users. 1 of the stand-out features that make this application so popular is Team Messaging. Even so, this support is considerably from fantastic and has some bugs and glitches.

If your messenger application is not operating, it is almost certainly because your messaging application is outdated or consists of specific bugs.

In this post, we will to start with appear at the triggers and then shift on to the fixes to troubleshoot this difficulty.

Why Is Team Message Not Doing the job on Android?

Here’s why the Group Messages may not operate on your android device.

  • The community staying out of sign
  • Gadget or applications Bugs
  • Blocked Individual
  • Not applying the exact messaging application

How to Correct Group Messages Not Working on Android?

You need to initial check out Force closing the application from the history. Functioning several applications in the track record can in some cases mess up the memory and guide to these problems. So, if you have not closed the track record apps for a long time, you really should do it and re-open up the Message app once more. 

For the seamless doing the job of this app, both of those functions should use the exact Messaging application. Supposedly, if you are employing Google Messages and the other particular person is working with the Samsung Concept, it will not do the job.

Aside from drive closing, you can try out other strategies shared in this short article. 

Obtain the Knowledge Plan 

If you use mobile details to send or receive texts from the Messages app, you may well be out of knowledge. So, you require to hold an eye on your info ideas. Take into consideration obtaining a new information approach and see if your messaging starts off working all over again. 

Permit MMS Team Messaging 

If you want to send out team texts by means of MMS, enabling MMS Team Messaging is vital. If it is not enabled, it won’t operate. So, try out enabling it initial and see if this could remedy the challenge. Here are the steps to change it on.  

  1. Open up the Information app.
  2. Click on on the a few dots.
  3. Then, Open Options.
  4. Scroll down and Go to Advanced.
  5. Simply click on Team Messaging.
  6. Choose Mail an MMS reply to all recipients (team MMS).

Reboot the Unit

From time to time, slight glitches in the app or gadget can also trigger the situation. The easy solution would be rebooting the device because it can resolve these glitches. It is an previous trick but nevertheless in use. 

  1. Press and maintain the Electric power button for a couple of seconds and the Electrical power menu will look.
  2. Tap on Restart.
  3. Click on Restart to verify. 

Clear the Data 

Most of the time, rebooting the gadget can assist to address computer software concerns. Nevertheless, if it does not operate, you can attempt to apparent the app’s details. Clearing the facts is like manufacturing facility resetting the application. But, it will not delete the concept.

Here’re the steps to apparent the information:

  1. Open up Device Options.
  2. Go to Applications.
  3. Tap on Deal with Applications.
  4. Research for Concept and Faucet on it. 
  5. Tap Clear Knowledge.
  6. Then, Simply click on Obvious All Info. And Hit Alright to validate.
    Click on Clear All Data

Examine Your Blocked Make contact with Record

If an individual has blocked you, their message could possibly not be revealed on your team concept. Or, you might have blocked them. For that, you have to have to see no matter whether you have blocked them on your get in touch with listing or not.

Though if the other individual has blocked you, you just can’t do just about anything. You can only request them to unblock you so that you the two can see and react to the messages.

Here’s how to unblock from the get in touch with listing.

  1. Open the Cellular phone connect with app.
  2. Click on on the three dots.
  3. Faucet on Options.
  4. Go to Blocked Figures.
     Go to Blocked Numbers
  5. The person’s title and number will seem if you have blocked someone. Then, click on on the cross indicator to unblock. 
    Tap the cross sign to unblock them and click on unblock to confirm it
  6. Tap once more on Unblock to ensure.



If somebody has included you on the Group Message, but it may possibly not assistance your areas, that is why it is not working. Google has enabled this feature in a picked area. So, to use the team messages in your location, you can use the VPN and try out if it could possibly function for you. 

Reset Network Settings 

If the challenge nevertheless exists, you should reset your device’s network options. This may well function for you if network-similar bugs or issues hinder the Concept application from performing. Resetting the Community Configurations will restore the configurations connected to Wi-Fi, SIM, and many others., and all the other data won’t be touched.

You can abide by these measures and look at if it performs:

  1. Open Device’s Settings.
  2. Go to Relationship and Sharing.
  3. Faucet on Reset Wi-Fi. Cell Networks, and Bluetooth.
    Tap on Reset Wi-Fi. Mobile Networks, and Bluetooth
  4. Click on Reset Options.
  5. Draw the pattern or enter the password if prompted.
  6. Then, it will reset the settings.

Update the App

Functioning on the more mature version can also guide to several mistakes. Or, there’s a risk your messaging app may well have bugs. You require to update the application to the hottest model to remedy these difficulties. 

The app developer primarily focuses on correcting bugs and optimizing the app for diverse units. Also, updating the application can get you new features. So, verify if the new update is obtainable and put in it.   

  1. Open up Engage in Retail store.
  2. Research for Message and faucet on it.
  3. Faucet on Update.  Android-Google-Message-Update

Reset the Product

This is another selection you can just take if the problem however exists. Resetting the device will forever delete all information saved on your system. But, just before resetting, make certain to make a backup of your information. Once you make the backup, you are fantastic to go. 

  1. Open up Settings.
  2. Click on on About Cellphone.
    Click on About Phone
  3. Faucet on Factory Reset.
  4. Hit Erase All Details.
    Hit Erase All Data
  5. You are necessary to enter the password or draw the sample. 
  6. Faucet on Manufacturing facility Reset. Then, your system will be reset.