Gaming News Week 7 – LadiesGamers

Gaming News Week 7 – LadiesGamers

It’s been awhile since we last published gaming news on our site. It started out in September 2015 with the first news article and that weekly feature lasted for years. And now it’s back!

Come on in, get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and pull up a chair. Let me give you the news that caught my eye this week. I hope you enjoy it!

Professor Layton is Back!

Well, wasn’t that a nice surprise, seeing our esteemed professor Layton during the last Nintendo Direct! It’s been awhile, since 2014 when his last game came to the 3DS. Of course, we had a game featuring his daughter Katrielle in 2017, but to be honest…it just wasn’t the same.

Now we know a new Layton game is coming, first one on the Switch. It’s going to be called Professor Layton and the New World of Steam. No idea yet when it’s coming, but the fact that Level 5 is publishing games in the West is good news anyway! They stopped operating outside of Japan as their North American business closed as it scaled back in late 2020. As they brought some of my favorite games over the years, I’m happy their games won’t be Japan only!

Professor Layton and the New World of Steam

Atelier Ryza 3 Premium Boxes pre-Order Bonuses

With Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key releasing on March 24 Koei Tecmo tells us there will be two delightful special edition versions. A Premium Box and a Special Collection Box. The Premium Box is available exclusively through the KOEI TECMO Online Store in America and Europe. For now, the Special Collection Box version is only available through the European store.

The Premium Box version of the game includes an Art Book, a B2 cloth poster featuring an original art piece, a set of two illustrated clear files, a mini acrylic character charm, an early-access DLC costume for Ryza and a copy of the game all packed into a beautiful collectable box.

Atelier Ryza 3

The Special Collection Box version of the game features all of the contents in the Premium Box version, as well as an Original Key Case, an A1 wall scroll featuring an original art piece, a selection of acrylic charms featuring the cover art from each game in the trilogy, and a set of twelve illustration cards.

Atelier Ryza 3

Anyone who purchases a physical or digital copy of the game within two weeks after launch will be able to download a special set of seven Summer Look costumes. Might be that these costumes appear later on as a DLC set, but I don’t know that yet. 

Fandom Wiki for Farm Tycoon

Nice, over the past months my guide for Farm Tycoon brought in a lot of readers. Though the game is far from perfect and even a little buggy, it has quite a few players! 

One our our readers, Josef, took it upon himself to make a Fandom Wiki for Farm Tycoon, and has asked our help by putting our guide up there, and the excel tables for the crops and machinery. Turned out however that there was already a wiki up there, that was made by Tycooneroonie. They have now decided to merge the wiki’s, always nice to see so much attention for this not too costly little farming sim! 

Farm Tycoon

Remake of Atelier Marie

That wasn’t the only Atelier news I’ve got for you! During the Japanese Nintendo Direct it was announced that Atelier Marie: the Alchemist of Salburg is getting a remake. This is the very first Atelier series! It’s expected this Summer and it will be very interesting to see the origins. 

Spells & Secrets gets a Physical Edition

With the world all wrapped up in Hogwarts Legacy we must not forget that there’s another wizard school game coming. In former Kickstarter Spells & Secrets, you will free the wizard school Greifenstein from magical creatures by using your spells creatively. Don’t just use the standards, but think ahead to minimize your damage or wreck more havoc to your enemy, or solve a puzzle. Below you can get more of an idea for the gameplay for this game made by Alchemist Interactive and to be published by Merge Games in June 2023.

For those of you who like your physical games, there’s good news. Signature Edition Games is distributing the physical version on Playstation and Switch. You can read our preview here. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Update

Dreamlight Valley had an update just yesterday! Most importantly, there are two new characters: welcome the Valley’s resident snowman, Olaf, with a warm hug. Plus you can now invite Mirabel, from Encanto, into your Valley. She brings her Mini-Casita with her. 

You can celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary with a very special new Star Path inspired by real-world Disney100 items, and there are many, many more things updated. You can find the all the details of the update here.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mirabel

A Re-Imagined Version of the Settlers is Here!

Most of us will remember The Settles, a game from the ‘90s, that’s a city building real time strategy game. 

Here’s a bit from the PR statement:

“Developed by Ubisoft Düsseldorf, The Settlers®: New Allies is a modern take on the long-established The Settlers’ franchise, combining elaborate infrastructure and economic gameplay with tactical real-time battles. Starting with a small group of Settlers, players must explore their surroundings, build up their settlements and optimize resource production to recruit new settlers and an army able to protect their land. Researching economic and military upgrades is critical to create a strong army and overcome rivals.”

It was released in a re-imagined version today on PC, the Settlers: New Allies. And added to that, the Console versions are coming on March 23 as well. 

Mari and Bayu Coming to Switch

We reviewed Mari and Bayu – The Road Home mid 2022 on Steam. And as we gave it our highest rating we are pleased that it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch as well. This is a story about an ant, who is the princess of her colony, next in line to become queen. This ant is called Mari, who has some insecurity with her skills, doubting a lot about everything and getting constantly scared. She has a brother, who is the general of the ants, strong and with great confidence, called Tom.

Mari and Bayu - The Road Home LadiesGamers

The story begins one night when Tom takes Mari out for a stroll to show her a beautiful view of fireflies glowing next to their anthill. Their special moment was interrupted by a spider that kidnaps Tom and throws Mari down the anthill. Here is where Bayu (Indonesian for the word “wind”), a magical firefly, comes in, rescuing Mari and offering to help her get back to the anthill. Little did they know, their adventure was about to begin. Want to know more? Yairs review is here. 

Hokko Life Soundtrack

Are you enjoying Hokko Life? Did you know you can listen to the music now even when you’re not playing? The original soundtrack is available on Apple Music and on Spotify

Hokko Life soundtrack

Some Last Words

That’s it for this week, dear readers. Let’s meet here for coffee (or tea) next week! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to take our survey!