Creepy Stardew Valley Easter Egg Found with Mods

Creepy Stardew Valley Easter Egg Found with Mods

A Stardew Valley participant came throughout a creepy unnoticed easter egg which is only seen with mods when searching for Golden Walnuts on Ginger Island.

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Stardew Valley, the farming sim/social RPG released in 2016, has come to be for quite a few, a convenience match. This is no ponder when everything Stardew Valley does encourages the notion of truthful do the job and good local community. It’s curious then, how frequently a sport that is seen as so wholesome, gets remarkably darkish.

Solo designed by ConcernedApe, Stardew Valley was a big success. The game was seriously influenced by, and acted as a throwback to, the Harvest Moon games on the SNES, the high issue of that sequence in quite a few fans’ eyes. Stardew Valley’s accomplishment led to it currently being launched on all key house consoles and ConcernedApe establishing a series of free of charge updates for the match, including a co-op multiplayer manner.

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The newest update for Stardew Valley, the 1.5 Update, included many endgame information to the video game, the crowning jewel of which was Ginger Island, a full new spot for players to explore. The activity rewarded curious players’ exploration with golden walnuts, which could be put in unlocking new locations and characteristics of the Island. Of course, the Stardew Valley community foraged just about every inch of the island, and it was considered at all the secrets experienced been uncovered. That is right until Reddit person u/kotschi1993 uncovered a creepy unseen easter egg with the use of mods.

In their lookup for the island’s golden walnuts this player utilized a info layers mod, showing the place the map boundaries had been for the participant character and revealing any hidden paths. Amazingly this also revealed an impression of a cranium, drawn by Concerned Ape making use of these invisible player boundaries. The drawing is unreachable by the participant, so the easter egg would have most likely remained hidden if not for a mod that could visualize these boundaries.

Stardew Valley is a recreation that actually leans into the retro-match sensibility of “playground myths” and hard to obtain techniques that would make it these kinds of a prosperous recreation for the local community to explore and theorize over. The recreation is comprehensive of amazingly darkish things that offset its cheerful exterior and seriously add to the game’s depth for players that dive in. In every little thing from the strange noises late at night time, to the looming menace of a corporation in a healthful little-city farm sim. Involved Ape threw in so a lot of very little issues for players to notice that really an invisible cranium painted in excess of the mysterious forest doesn’t feel out of design and style.

It is also attainable that Anxious Ape predicted mods would be made use of by gamers to uncover all the illusive golden walnuts on Ginger Island and drew the cranium in the hopes of spooking these distinct players in an correctly jungle-adventure type.

Stardew Valley is readily available now on cellular, Computer system, PS4, Change, and legacy platforms.

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