Best games for the Steam Deck

Finding the best games for the Steam Deck (opens in new tab) is going to be important if you want to make the most of your Linux-based, handheld gaming PC. The list of Steam Deck verified games is growing by the day, and with 3,000 games now listed as at least ‘playable’ (opens in new tab) it can be a slog deciding which ones are the best games on Steam Deck for you. Admit it, you’ve been searching for games with Steam Deck compatibility in anticipation of that fateful day, when that box arrives on your doorstep—hopefully, not having been pilfered by some Fedex chump (opens in new tab). That’s some great forward thinking on your part, but remember: just because a game is verified doesn’t mean it’s great to play on the Steam Deck.

Of course you want games that run smoothly, but while plenty of renowned triple-A games do so on Deck, the games that offer the highest frame rates are going to be the less graphically intensive ones. And even though the Deck can handle graphics heavy games, that doesn’t mean those games lend themselves to the Steam Deck’s gamepad controls (opens in new tab). While you could always connect up some peripherals with the Steam Deck Dock (opens in new tab) when it comes out, we’re going to assume you don’t want to compromise on the point of the Deck itself: extreme portability.