Best communication apps for Android in 2022

Best communication apps for Android in 2022

Communication has an intrinsic link to smartphones. The telephone’s original purpose was to connect people, and that principle hasn’t changed. Apps that permit users to send messages, pictures, sound files, and documents have become invaluable for both professional and casual use. Some software ticks the boxes better than others, ranging from fit for purpose, to some of the best apps on the Play Store, including a few of the best encrypted messaging apps. AP loves to keep us communicating and has a few suggestions for apps to help you connect, liaise, and socialize.

9/9 Telegram

A popular choice for messaging, Telegram is an app that allows for semi-instantaneous communication from anywhere in the world; making the name quite apt. The features are fairly in line with other competing apps, containing video chat and GIF features for livening up your communication. A useful feature present in many of these apps is synchronicity; being available for use on multiple different devices at once without any archived information being lost. This is extremely helpful for those who switch between devices regularly. If you need a reliable app to keep your team in sync and happy, Telegram is a good time.


8/9 Signal Private Messenger

A great app for both professional and personal communication, Signal Private Messenger has all the trappings of a quality messaging app. Features include quick messages, synchronization with your existing phone contacts, and personalized notification sounds and ringtones. You’re also free to change your app to a dark theme, a feature many popular apps are now including, in addition to advanced privacy settings. If you’re the sort of person who likes to have a little personality in their communicative setup, you’ll feel looked after here.

7/9 Discord

Discord is a communication tool used by millions to chat and share their passions. The app allows you to message and call any other user from any device with Discord available. Different channels can be created for discussing specific topics, the moderators of which can dictate who is granted access. The app is fully functional and synchronized on both mobile devices and PC, with the two platforms able to communicate seamlessly. Just all around a great place for people to connect.

6/9 WhatsApp

WhatsApp works great as a messaging tool and file-sharing platform, and is easy to install. You can even import your contacts in a manner that is easy to understand. The feature list is pretty static with most messaging services, complete with video calls, group chat functions, and photo editors. Another popular choice across multiple apps is the story (or status) feature, the act of creating a little newsletter-style post to be viewed quickly by your followers, so they can stay up to date with the goings-on in your life. This element is popular for a reason, as it allows people to connect passively with multiple other contacts with a single post. WhatsApp is simple, reliable, and recommended.

5/9 Yahoo Mail – Organized Email

Yahoo Mail – Organized Email is an email app that organizes the input box of your pre-existing email accounts for Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, etc. The utility of emails is well established, and with the amount of mail the average person gets, having tools to sort and organize it can prove useful. A useful feature is status monitoring on free trials in your name so that you do not end up paying for services you don’t want just because you forgot to cancel. This has serious potential to save you money; you’d be amazed how many free trials get forgotten about. If you feel your emails could use a bit of TLC, Yahoo Mail – Organized Email is pretty neat.

4/9 Whitepages – Find People

Does anyone remember phone books? Whitepages – Find People provides a similar service, providing a huge archive of phone numbers. However, unlike the ancient phone books of yore, Whitepages – Find People lists information such as names, address information, business directories, property records, and criminal records. The benefits of this additional data are fairly self-evident; you can just search for a name to find a business address or mobile number or check a friend’s address if you forgot it. If you need to dig up some old contact information that has been lost to time, Whitepages – Find People lives up to its name.

3/9 Tor Browser

If you’re looking to take your online security more seriously, Tor Browser allows you to feel at ease with a variety of features that help you remain anonymous. Surveillance blocking prevents voyeuristic internet service providers from being able to see your internet activity while using hotel or coffee shop Wi-Fi. You do not need to worry about anyone judging or laughing at browser history without your knowledge. Tracking software is similarly disabled, along with region locking, meaning you can now move and browse the internet without annoying barriers and enjoy the content that might be unavailable in your country or simply communicate through an assortment of websites with the knowledge you’re not being tracked. So if you want to take control of your internet viewing/interacting habits, Tor Browser has your back.

2/9 Marco Polo – Stay In Touch

Probably the most wholesome app of its kind, Marco Polo – Stay In Touch is a social media platform, like Facebook but with a family-friendly manifesto. There are no likes or public posts; the app is purely for interacting with loved ones. This aspect of the app makes it ideal for parents unsure about their kids using social media and wanting to ease themselves into it. Chat features are static with other apps of its type, although it does automatically upload photos used in chats to a cloud, so they can be used again on a different device. If you’re looking for a simple social media platform for just you and your family, Marco Polo – Stay In Touch is most likely the best version of what you’re looking for.

1/9 Keep up to date with the best communication apps

Using mobile phones for text communication is so prolific in modern culture that it’s hard to think of a world without it. Your options have never been wider when it comes to great, free services that only require an internet connection. The best have options for sharing images, music, experiences, and features that take advantage of the best Android phones. So don’t be modest; get connected and join the conversation.