Alexander: A PC failure can leave you wondering where all the data went

Alexander: A PC failure can leave you wondering where all the data went

Q: My Windows 7 Laptop experienced a failure of the primary circuit board and some hurt to the hard drive. I misplaced a good deal of info (images and genealogy documents) since a pc technician was not able to recover them from the tough drive. I puzzled why the technician was equipped to recover so minimal information. Why could he uncover some pics, but not all of them? I also was astonished that during the restoration course of action, numerous notices said that we did not have the authorization to see the data files saved on disk travel. Why not?

If I had produced a back again-up of the information, could far more info have been recovered from the challenging generate?


A: A modern back again-up of your PC’s knowledge (to an exterior really hard drive or a USB flash generate) would have created it needless to recover the details from the PC’s harmed tough drive. In addition, the again-up procedure may possibly have presented you an early warning of the PC’s troubles by notifying you that some information on its hard push couldn’t be copied (signifying that they could possibly be harmed.)

But without the need of understanding much more about what occurred to your tricky push, I can not say accurately why you couldn’t get better much more knowledge. For illustration, was the disk harmed by an electrical quick circuit involving the most important circuit board and the generate? Or did the really hard push suffer a “head crash” in which the disk’s study-compose head stops floating previously mentioned the disk and strikes the disk’s area?

But any problems could have hindered recovering the facts stored on the disk. Here is how:

Commonly Home windows creates a listing for a tricky disk that lists in which each and every file is saved. As the difficult disk fills up, freshly saved data files should be broken into pieces that can suit into obtainable disk place. But even then, the directory can identify exactly where all the parts are.

The achievements of recovering information from a destroyed difficult generate hinges on no matter if each the directory and the stored data are intact. If the directory has been destroyed, the disk restoration software program faces a more durable activity: It will have to research the tough disk hunting for the distinct parts a file, then attempt to reassemble the file as if it ended up putting alongside one another a jigsaw puzzle. If even a single piece of a file can’t be discovered, the full file is possibly unrecoverable.

That would explain your facts loss. But why did not you have “authorization” to view some your possess information? In Windows, unique data files are saved in file folders. Each individual of these folders has a security ingredient that determines which people of your Computer system have accessibility to a unique folder. If problems to the disk obliterated a folder’s safety data, your “permission” to entry the folder may no extended exist.

Q: I compensated to be a high quality person of the Microsoft Mahjong puzzle video game on my Home windows 10 notebook (top quality gets rid of advertising and marketing and provides other benefits.) But just after some Home windows updates, the game’s high quality alternative give up functioning. Microsoft has been of tiny aid. What can I do?

SHARON FERGUSON, Woodland Park, Colo.

A: Open Options, opt for “Applications” and click on “Applications & Characteristics.” From the listing, select Microsoft Mahjong, simply click “highly developed selections” then choose both “maintenance” or “reset.” Restart your Computer system.

If that will not function, go to the exact same site in Options and uninstall Microsoft Mahjong. Restart the Computer. Reinstall the sport from the Microsoft Retail store ( Restart the Laptop.If that doesn’t get the job done, you can troubleshoot the high quality Mahjong application by next the instructions at Microsoft Everyday Games (see

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