A Look Inside The UK’s Best Retro Gaming Bar

A Look Inside The UK’s Best Retro Gaming Bar

If you stay in the Uk and also take place to be a retro gaming enthusiast, you’d surely be happy to expend a night time with buddies at the NQ64 Arcade Bar.

Heck, you can even go hang out by you if you want. No rationale you just can’t just exhibit up and make some new retro gaming close friends!

There is two principal explanations why we are enthusiasts of NQ64:

It’s an amazing house for retro game fans who want a spot to meet up with up with friends and have a chuckle although enjoying some typical game titles.

And our good friend Shaun Campbell, a prominent member of the retro sport group, has been NQ64’s console management technician at most of their areas for a few of yrs now.

Shaun Campbell

Shaun Campbell / Did Somebody Say Retro?
Graphic Resource: Shaun Campbell

Definitely you guys know Shaun, you just could possibly know him by his superhero alias Did Any person Say Retro?®.

Several of us in the retro scene embraced our passion for gaming for the duration of the pandemic, when all people was pressured to examine their put in the globe. I am a person of these pandemic gamer babies. No disgrace in it.

But to see that Shaun has been publishing Activity Boy mods, CRT/PVM gaming, and Pokemon playing cards way in advance of then can make him a genuine O.G. and offers him some significant street credit rating.

I took a deep dive on his Instagram and he’s been modifying consoles considering that 2017. At minimum, that was his 1st write-up. And I truly really do not know how he was in a position to attain that high quality of mods way back then.

Plainly Shaun has a ton of working experience and understanding, so it is no shock that he was the goto person when NQ64 essential an qualified with retro games.

In simple fact, he told me that it was a possibility encounter with NQ64’s directors at his local NQ64 Arcade Bar that led to them bringing him onboard as their technician.

And in addition to having the know-how, he’s also just a really helpful guy, super elegant, and has a beard. So like… that would make him my brother, irrespective of whether he wishes to be or not. Blessed for me, he appears to be alright with that.

NQ64 Arcade Bar

NQ64 Arcade Bar
Impression Supply: Shaun Campbell

So what is NQ64 Arcade Bar precisely? I believe the title claims most of it.

They have beverages, they have awesome murals on the partitions, they have exciting lights, and of course… all of the most effective arcade and console video games a retro enthusiast could inquire for.

NQ64 also occurs to have spots all in excess of the Uk. So all of my English and Scottish brothers and sisters need to be paying them a go to quickly!

There are at present locations in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow, Soho, Newcastle, and more. Nine in total.

And our male Shaun has been busy assisting NQ64 with two new locations in progress.

NQ64 Arcade Bar
Picture Resource: Shaun Campbell

I was just lately speaking with Shaun, and he experienced to go for the reason that they ended up about to commence a Mario Kart tournament. How neat is that?

It appears like this is the put to be for retro avid gamers.


Regrettably, we don’t have an NQ64 satellite location in my hometown of Chiang Mai, Thailand. But if you guys wanna open up one, hit me up. I’d adore to assistance.

I recommend that you guys go check out Shaun’s Instagram if you are not yet familiar with his do the job.

Aside from what he is carrying out with NQ64, he also has some genuinely unbelievable factors he is functioning on, which includes his Woodboy project, which we will certainly be covering soon.

I’m a huge lover of Shaun and his function, and I cannot say plenty of superior factors about the male. Exhibit him some love.