8 best pet apps on Android for every owner

8 best pet apps on Android for every owner

No one’s given a handbook on parenting their pet, so we must figure it out as we go. Unfortunately, the reality is that our pets are finicky and demand our time, money, and patience. Of course, it doesn’t mean we don’t love our adorable animal friends; we just need a quality support system to attend to their needs, train them to act/behave appropriately, and ensure we properly care for them. We’ve rounded up the best Android apps that every cat and dog owner should have installed on their trusty Android phone. Thanks to these apps, we can finally build a much-needed support system, so let’s dig in.

1 Pet First Aid

Our animals can’t communicate whether they are not feeling well, in pain, or even worse, in a life-threatening situation. So we must take care of our critters proactively. This is why we turn to the US-based pet emergency app made by the American Red Cross. The Pet First Aid app offers diagrams and videos covering how owners should respond in an emergency, like how to slow down bleeding and what to do if your pet has a bite wound. While no app is a substitute for a visit to the veterinarian, you can use the Pet First Aid app to store information on medical records, allergies, and emergency contact that you can always present to your local vet. Lastly, a super helpful feature is that you can run the app offline, reliably accessing its content without worry.

2 Rover — Dog Boarding & Walking

Gone are the days when you post a physical flyer offering dog-sitting businesses. Now we resort to apps like Rover to set up daycare appointments and walks for our needy canines. Everyone on the app is carefully reviewed and backed by the Rover guarantee, so only the most trustworthy services are within reach. Setting up appointments and payments with dog-sitting services is easy and secure. And if you’re missing your little pup while away, Rover sends GPS-tracked walk alerts and photo updates to keep you in the loop.

3 Chewy

Purchasing goods for your pets can be expensive, especially if you’re presented with limited local options; this is where Chewy, a shopping app for pet products, comes in handy. Shopping through Chewy can help you and your pet family save money; over 2000 trusted pet-certified brands and flexible shipping meet your scheduling needs. In addition, you never have to stress out again about procuring supplies for your pets — the app streamlines this for you.

4 Tractive GPS for Cats & Dogs

Putting a GPS tracker on your animals is a no-brainer, especially if your pet likes to roam. And we know training the young means a lot of vigorous activity and a heightened sense of adventuring (and curiosity). So Tractive GPS for Cats & Dogs is an app that allows you to turn on live updates to track your critter’s location and monitor their wellness while they sleep. And if you’re training your little critter to stick around the house, the app lets you set up virtual fencing that will notify you as soon as your growing puppy or kitty leaves. But, of course, given the nature of the app, you will need to have to purchase and install a GPS tracker on your pets to get full use.

5 Cat Training

Cats tend to be unpredictable creatures; they come to you when they have demands and will often have a much more independent lifestyle than a dog. But it doesn’t mean you should neglect training your growing kitty, especially when it comes to litterbox practices. Cat Training is a glossary-operated app that covers important training topics: toilet, scratching habits (getting your cat to stop using your couch as a scratching post), and teaching your kitty to respond to name-calling. The app instructs you on how to train your kitten and informs owners who want to understand their pet’s behavior. Thanks to Cat Training, we don’t need to buy expensive books to learn the essentials for raising these adorable newborns.

6 Puppr — Dog Training & Tricks

As cute as dogs are, raising one takes a lot of work. Dogs are incredibly interactive and responsive, but the downside is that your growing canine can start developing destructive behaviors. Puppr — Dog Training & Tricks is an app designed to guide your doggo’s training sessions; you can connect with a live trainer, consult tips and follow step-by-step tutorials for topics like leash training, potty training, and dealing with separation anxiety. The app comes with a built-in tracker to monitor your puppy’s progress and reached milestones. You can acquire the fundamentals free, but premium benefits like paid lessons and live chat are $13/month or $100/year (a 7-day free trial is available).

7 My Talking Pet

Dogs and cats don’t stay small forever (unless the breed dictates otherwise). So you want to take the time to capture every moment with your little pupper or kitten, which is why we look toward fun social apps like My Talking Pet. My Talking Pet is about taking funny, personality-filled photos that you can show off on social media or share with your family/friends. In addition, the app supports voice clips and text blocks, along with savvy cosmetics like hats and sunglasses. So give your new animal member a fashionable look, and post it across the web!

8 Dogo — Puppy and Dog Training

Training your canine is considered the most critical step for a healthy relationship between the animal and the owner. Unfortunately, not all training apps work for us; sometimes, we need more than an encyclopedia of tips and tricks to get going. Dogo — Puppy and Dog Training is a training app that offers customized lessons to incorporate into your personal training program, with a built-in whistle and clicker feature. It also includes a health tracker reminding you to set up appointments and even details how to administer medication for your growing pup. The app is free, but it heavily encourages paying $5/month or $40/year for complete access (includes a 7-day free trial). Nonetheless, you can check out what the Dogo app offers before purchasing more features.

Raising your pet is hard work, but apps help

Part of being a parent to an animal is that raising them can be rather laborious. Luckily with apps developed by professionals and passionate pet appreciators, we no longer have to worry about not acquiring the resources needed to succeed. And sometimes, downloading relaxing social sim apps like Animal Crossing might cure our anxiety when raising a new household pet. But it’s genuinely worth it in the end; our lovable critters bring us irreplaceable joy, after all.