12 Best Editing Software for Gaming Videos in 2022

12 Best Editing Software for Gaming Videos in 2022

Gaming is big on YouTube. Fortunately, the barrier to entry is low, and literally, anyone can give it a shot. And if you have never tried to share your joy of playing via YouTube videos, you have come to the right place to start.

Join us in taking a look at a dozen video editors for gamers that will help you bring your footage to the viewer in the best way possible. This is not a rating list; we just want to present options for different needs and skill levels.

Let’s make one thing clear before we continue – we will not be discussing video editing software for gamers by Adobe in this review. It is basically public knowledge that with enough money, time, and skill, anything can be done with Adobe programs.


clipify gaming editing software

Main features

  • Automatic features for a streamlined workflow
  • Export of videos to a YouTube-compatible format
  • Overlaying images and video clips
  • Comprehensive drag and drop interface
  • Live feed capture from your webcam

Newbies looking for some good video editing software for gaming can try Clipify. It is capable of chroma-key editing, color correction, adding effects, and transitions – everything you need to create videos and montages that stand on par with other YouTube content. And to make your video stand out a little more, you can brand it with a unique logo or a watermark. Clipify also has very lenient system requirements and runs smoothly on a mid-end PC.

Regarding downsides, Clipify is a Windows exclusive for the time being and not available for any other OS. There is a free version for quick and uncomplicated editing. Advanced features are available with three paid licenses – Standard for $29.40, Deluxe for $39.90, and PRO for $59.50 – all payments are one-time, with no subscription model involved.


Main features

  • Ease of use with a drag-and-drop interface and video routing
  • Color correction, chroma-key, transitions – everything for good editing
  • Audio processing, like noise reduction or frequency boost
  • Presets for quick editing and sharing videos on social media
  • Lots of motions clips to spice up your footage

Lightworks is the software of choice for many big YouTubers out there. It is quite friendly towards beginners and offers a lot of free learning metering and user support. Experienced editors may find a lot of advanced functions, from color grading to multicam recording. Lightworks is available on all major platforms – Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It comes with a handful of downsides, though. High-resolution export is locked behind a paywall, the list of output formats is short, and the unconventional interface might be puzzling for some. Lightworks has a free version and two monthly payment plans – “Create” for $9.99 and “Pro” for $23.99.


Main features

  • Branding your video with a unique logo
  • Literally millions of free assets and music
  • An ability to work with an editing team in real-time
  • Active and fast customer support service
  • Turning text input into a video in one click

InVideo is an online-based video editor that can streamline your production. It is quite easy to use, and 100 GB of cloud storage space allows you to work on huge and complex projects. Day-to-day video production is when this platform shines the most due to an immense library of templates.

The main downside is a watermark and a 15-minute video length limit for the free version. InVideo has two pricing plans, “Business” and “Unlimited,” for $15 and $30 per month, respectively. Both offer many more assets to use and provide access to the Film Pro mobile app.

Pinnacle Studio

Main features

  • Thousands of stylish effects and filters
  • Working with feed from a multi-camera setup
  • Intelligent motion tracking and object recognition
  • Advanced audio editing features like ducking
  • Correction of wide-angle footage with no distortion

Pinnacle Studio is a perfect gateway. If you are looking for uncomplicated gaming video editing software to make the first steps, this would be a great choice. It has a lot of clear video tutorials, an easy-to-use toolkit, and many helpful features like motion tracking.

However, a pro editor might find the functionality of Pinnacle Studio a bit limiting due to the lack of advanced effects and, at times, messy libraries. The base version of the program costs $59.99, but it is a one-time payment with the ability to upgrade your version to Ultimate.

Davinci Resolve

Main features

  • Object removal, 3D scenes, motion graphics, and other tools
  • Automatic search for editing cuts and points
  • An opportunity to collaborate with other users
  • Editing with fusion nodes and keyframes
  • Denoising and color correction with a built-in AI

Davinci Resolve takes a rightful place among the most versatile and feature-packed video editors for gamers. It has a free version that already offers a pro-level toolkit. This program requires dedication but offers a great degree of control.

Unfortunately, Davinci Resolve offers no templates, and customer support works via email. You’ll have to master this app on your own, which might be intimidating for beginners. The paid version of the program costs $295, but what it includes might be overkill for most users.

Final Cut Pro X

Main features

  • Automatic detection of faces and object movement
  • Outstanding performance and optimization for Apple hardware
  • Media search via clip text, notes, markers, and other properties
  • Editing and creating custom column views
  • Integration of iPad Sidecar and MacBook Touch Bar

No list of the best editing software for gamers would be complete without something for macOS. Final Cut Pro is an Apple exclusive, it is really simple to learn, and it performs amazingly due to tight optimizations for Apple processors. Final Cut Pro has streamlining features that would help casual editors and advanced tools for pros.

There are drawbacks, of course. Firstly, there is a lack of some specific features, like 360 video stabilization. Secondly, as uncomplicated the program is, the presets can be confusing. But its greatest downside is accessibility. Final Cut Pro is already a Mac-only program with a $299.99 price tag that can turn people away, especially with the abundance of free software.


Main features

  • External plug-in support, including VirtualDub
  • Extensive library of stock audio and video
  • Works with 360 and 3D video
  • Very smooth video stabilization
  • Audio processing capabilities

VideoPad may not be the best video editing software for gaming, but it would serve as a perfect workhorse if your editing goals are not extensive. This is excellent if you wish to rely more on your persona and gaming performance. It has all the necessary tools to create good-looking videos and is reportedly easy to use.

VideoPad has three versions. The free one has limited functionality but still offers many features to work with. Home Edition has no support for external plug-ins and costs $70. Master’s Edition has a $129 price tag (or subscription for $3.88 monthly) and holds nothing back.


Main features

  • No limitation on the number of tracks and layers
  • Multiple interface types for different users
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Advanced keyframe animation features
  • Cross-platform collaboration with a team

OpenShot is a great video editing software for gaming montages. Beginners are welcomed by a thorough step-by-step guide that will take you through the basics. Pro will find here a wide selection of advanced tools.

The absence of a limit on the number of tracks and layers is a plus, but it is a double-edged sword. Add too much content, and the program is likely to lag or even crash. The interface also looks dated, although still quite intuitive. OpenShot is completely free. You can, however, support the developer via a donation on the official website.

AVS Video Editor

Main features

  • Supports all major video formats, from AVI to TS and more
  • Feed capture from webcam and PC screen
  • Making slideshows with voice-overs, captions, and effects
  • Uploading clips directly to YouTube, TikTok, and other hostings

AVS Video Editor is pretty straightforward. It is quite user-friendly and offers subpixel accuracy for editing. It has all the necessary tools to create some neat montages, but it is designed with a focus on all-purpose video editing for the most general audience in mind.

However, this program has a lot of features that have nothing to do with gaming, like DVD burning or encoding videotapes. The free version applies a voice logo and a watermark to your videos. You can get rid of both at the price of $149 per year or one time $279 payment.


gaming editing software

Main features

  • Non-linear video editing features
  • Screen video and image capture
  • Advanced audio layout and codec adjustment
  • Working the most of the existing video formats
  • Special sections for various editing aspects

As a gaming video editor, Shotcut is divinely worthy of giving it a shot, especially if you work on a Mac. It has a sleek and adjustable UI, is quite lightweight, and has a portable version to edit on the go. A variety of applicable filters and composition modes will allow you to give your montages enough individuality.

The most significant downside of Shotcut is that you have to optimize it yourself for comfortable work. An unprepared user might get lost among many available tracks, panels, and somewhat confusing settings. As of pricing, Shotcut is open-source and completely free.

SmartSHOW 3D

Main features

  • Picture-in-picture video feature
  • One year of free updates and tech support
  • Over 30 video export formats
  • Addition of titles, music, and voice-over
  • A library of animation effects

SmartSHOW 3D is not technically an editing software for gaming videos. This is a program for creating photo & video montages, but it includes a set of features, such as picture-in-picture video, that makes it capable of gaming montages.

The bare-bones video editing it provides might be enough for complete novices. It has quite a decent layering functionality with effects and animations for each layer, but expect no advanced tools. SmartSHOW 3D has three pricing plans – Standard for $29.95 per year, Deluxe for $49.95 per year, and Gold for $69.95 for a lifetime – each with a pack of extra bells and whistles.


blender gaming editing software

Main features

  • Available for multiple platforms
  • Takes only about 50 MB of storage space
  • Highly detailed editing timeline
  • Total customization to fit your editing style
  • Open-source and completely free

Blender is also not a video editor at its core. First and foremost, it is a 3D modeling and animation software. But it has as many video editing features as most full-fledged montage programs.

Blender can serve as excellent video editing software for gaming montages but has a rather steep learning curve. At least you can try it for free – Blender is open source and requires no payment whatsoever.

This concludes our overview of the best editing software for gaming videos in 2022. Like many other things, gaming video editing may seem intimidating until you stick your fingers into it. Nothing becomes impossible when you find the best gaming video editor for you. We hope that we have brought something worthy, should you get serious about making content for YouTube.

Ethics disclaimer: This is a paid-for, sponsored post. We do not collect any commission on sales. Affiliate codes to track sales may be included by the vendor.