11 Best Astrology Apps In 2023

11 Best Astrology Apps In 2023

The best astrology apps can remove some of life’s mysteries by giving us a heads-up when challenges or opportunities are lurking in the shadows.

From reading your daily horoscope to finding your best zodiac compatibility, astrology helps you with it all. Who would pass up the opportunity to get more clarity on where life is taking them? 

“The beauty of an astrology app is that you can tap on your cell phone to find all sorts of information,” explains YourTango’s Senior Editor for Horoscopes and Spirituality and astrologer, numerologist, tarotist and theologian Aria Gmitter, M.F.A.

Whether you’re an expert or an amateur, you need at least one astrology app on your phone to help you see what the universe is planning for you.

However, not all astrology apps are created equally. According to writer and spiritual astrologist Kate Rose, a lot of apps “are sensationalized (only telling you the good or dramatic) or they are standard in their interpretations and meanings.”

So what separates the best astrology apps from the sub-par ones?

The best astrology apps “don’t just explain but also teach,” says Rose.

Of course, even the best astrology apps can only go so far, so Gmitter suggests reaching out to a professional astrologer before making any big astrology-based moves.