10 Best News Apps In India For iOS And Android (2023)

10 Best News Apps In India For iOS And Android (2023)

Are you looking for the top 10 best news apps in India for iOS and Android? You are at the right spot. We all know that news is an important part of everyone’s life.

Keeping up with the latest news is essential in today’s world – from current affairs to technological developments, staying informed makes all the difference.

With so many available options for iOS and Android users, choosing a reliable source of information can be hard. Look no further; we have compiled a roundup of India’s top 10 best news apps that guarantee accurate reporting you can trust!

How we rank and pick the top 10 news app list for India

We put significant efforts into selecting and preparing a thorough list of top news apps, considering various factors such as platform availability and the efficiency of news delivery.

We have verified the authenticity of the news delivered by each app, as well as their overall rating and domain authority. Additionally, we have analyzed their Google and review ratings to understand their customer satisfaction rates.

Given that many news apps are syndicates of other sources, we prioritize genuine, relevant information when ranking these apps. We believe in delivering accurate information to our readers. Therefore, we exclude fake or erroneous news apps from consideration without hesitation during this process.

the Top 10 News Apps in India (iOS & Android)

After detailed research on the list, we have come up with the top 10 news apps in India. The list includes news apps that are available on iOS and Android platforms.

1) Daily Hunt – Best For Local News Updates.

Daily Hunt Best News App In India For iOS And Android UsersThe daily Hunt news app is one of India’s most popular and widely used apps. Based in Bangalore city and founded in the year 2009, it delivers news in 14 Indian languages and has over 3000 content providers on its platform.

It is also one of the most downloaded news apps in India. They are a news aggregator brand mostly focusing on delivering local news and videos to the people. According to a recent report, Daily Hunt has become a billion-dollar news company in terms of valuation. The app is free to download on both iOS and android.

Daily Hunt iOS app download link: Dailyhunt – Indian News App on the App Store (apple.com)

Daily Hunt Android app download link: Dailyhunt: News, Video, Cricket – Apps on Google Play

2) NDTV – Best For trustworthy News In India

NDTV Best News App In India For iOS And Android UsersNDTV, or New Delhi Television, is a renowned name that has held its place in Indian households since 1988. They are committed to providing the most current information on multiple platforms and building products for everyone to access news, regardless of location, easily. Initially starting out with 24/7 television coverage from one spot only, NDTV offers apps as well!

NDTV has become a pillar in the Indian news sphere and beyond, delivering trustworthy coverage to many nations. With both English and Hindi versions of their stories, NDTV is well-equipped for global viewership. Moreover, they have expanded with multiple sub-domains that keep audiences engaged daily. By providing timely information from around the world, NDTV’s influence continues to spread far past India’s borders.

NDTV iOS app download link: NDTV on the App Store (apple.com)

NDTV Android app download link: NDTV News – India – Apps on Google Play

3) Aaj Tak – Hindi Language New App In India

Aaj Tak Best News App In India For iOS And Android UsersSince its inception in 2000, Aaj Tak—a celebrated Hindi news outlet under the India Today Group umbrella—has become a staple for honest and timely reporting among households of the Indian subcontinent. Unsurprisingly, it is one of India’s most popular channels, with a tremendous viewership on its website and mobile application! You may enjoy comprehensive coverage from politics to entertainment when you download their free iOS or Android app, granting access to exclusive content not available elsewhere!

Aaj Tak iOS app download link: Aaj Tak Live Hindi News India on the App Store (apple.com)

Aaj Tak Android app download link: Aaj Tak Hindi News Live TV App – Google Play

4) Times of India (TOI)

Times of India (TOI) Best News App In India For iOS And Android UsersTOI has led the way in digital news and English journalism for over eighty years. Since its inception in 1938 under Bennett Coleman & Co., Ltd (now run by the Sahu Jain family), it has proudly become one of India’s oldest English newspapers – as well as being recognized globally for having the largest circulation of any English newspaper!

TOI’s news platform is unrivaled in its recent and current information delivery. Their app covers various topics, from global political events to gaming, technology, entertainment – the list goes on! Moreover, TOI makes installation so straightforward that you can have their content live on your device faster than ever before!

TOI iOS app download link: The Times of India on the App Store (apple.com)

TOI Android app download link: Times Of India: TOI Daily News – Apps on Google Play

5) The Hindu

The Hindu Best News App In India For iOS And Android UsersOver the past three decades, The Hindu Group has become an established English-only newspaper and digital news media outlet proudly headquartered in Chennai. Thanks to its knowledgeable editorial team, readers worldwide can rest assured that they are accessing balanced coverage with each article read.

To further increase accessibility to their hard work, this acclaimed platform is available across 21 locations throughout 11 Indian states – including a newly improved e-papers version and other on-demand resources!

As if these updates weren’t enough already, it’s no wonder why students and academics have made The Hindu one of their go-to online news sources for reliable information!

The Hindu iOS app download link: The Hindu on the App Store (apple.com)

The Hindu Android app download link: The Hindu: Live News Updates – Apps on Google Play

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6) Jio News

Jio News Best News App In India For iOS And Android UsersWith the launch of Reliance Jio Networks comes a one-of-a-kind aggregation platform for news – Jio News App. It offers readers content from various reliable sources and across multiple Indian languages. With an easy-to-use app available on both iOS and Android devices at no expense, it’s clear why this innovative platform has gained immense popularity in such little time! Its outstanding features allow users to move through its page seamlessly, making every second worthwhile while they stay updated with authentic news stories.

Jio News iOS app download link: JioNews – Live News, Videos, N – Apps on Google Play

Jio News Android app download link: JioNews on the App Store (apple.com)

7) Knappily

Knappily Best News App In India For iOS And Android UsersThe Knappily Is an Indian Digital News App that provides users with a comprehensive yet concise overview of all relevant stories. It allows personalization by selecting topics or sources that matter most to you.

Furthermore, this application’s user interface is highly intuitive, making it easy to navigate and explore its contents. You can search for particular content through keywords or filters such as language or date range. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s even an AI assistant who provides a tailored selection of articles centered around your interests!

Knappily iOS app download link: Knappily on the App Store (apple.com)

Knappily Android app download link: Knappily: The Knowledge App – Apps on Google Play

8) Inshorts

Inshorts Best News App In India For iOS And Android UsersFor your daily news fix, Inshorts is the perfect digital destination. With a concise summary of the day’s most pressing stories in English and Hindi, this news app enables you to stay informed with just 60 words or less – but if that doesn’t suit you, then you can follow the link provided to delve deep into each story! Available on both iOS and Android devices free of charge, Inshorts ensures up-to-date coverage like never before.

Inshorts iOS app download link: Inshorts on the App Store (apple.com)

Inshorts Android app download link: Inshorts – News in 60 words – Apps on Google Play

9) Way2News

Way2News Best News App In India For iOS And Android UsersWith news in 8 Indian languages and a steady readership base, it’s no wonder that this regional language app is one of the most sought-after local sources for news. From summaries to comprehensive articles, they cover all the important categories – providing news that matters to you! Best part? It’s free on the App Store – so get your fill today.

Way2News iOS app download link: Way2News – Short News App on the App Store (apple.com)

Way2News Android app download link: Way2News: News app, Short News – Apps on Google Play

10) First Post

First Post Best News App In India For iOS And Android UsersThe Firstpost is a Mumbai-based news and media website under Network 18 group. They provide reliable English-language news across diverse categories, with experienced editors and writers ensuring accurate coverage of true events. The app is free to download for easy access to timely news updates.

First Post iOS app download link: Firstpost on the App Store (apple.com)

First Post Android app download link: Latest & Live News – Firstpost – Apps on Google Play


From the above top 10 news lists, it is clear that every news app has its own way of delivering and servicing news. Some offer a detailed analysis of the news topic, while others only give you a glimpse and summary. Most news listed above has a free download app from respective app stores, making news dispersion easy and effective for everyone around the world.

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Q.1 Which is the no.1 news app in India?
Ans- Daily Hunt is the no.1 news app in India.

Q.2 Which is the best app for news updates in India?
Ans- Daily Hunt is the best app for news updates in India.

Q.3 Which app provides the best news?
Ans- Google news provides the best news.

Q.4 Which news app is mostly used in India?
Ans- Way2News is the most used app in India.