10 Best Apps For Reading Webcomics

10 Best Apps For Reading Webcomics

When it comes to reading comics in 2023, many hardcore fans prefer to use digital technology rather than obtain physical comics. Luckily, many strides have been made to accommodate such a preference, with high-quality digital applications making it easy to download and read as many webcomics as possible from the comfort of ones home or on the go.

Whether looking to brush up on Scarlet Witch, The Last Bloodline, Sleeping With the Enemy, or another exciting new title, readers looking to stay digital would do well to download the most comprehensive and easy-to-use webcomic apps available.



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The No. 1 destination for webcomic fans is Webtoon, the top-rated digital comic app on Google Play and Apple Store. Boasting the largest digital catalog of comics, manga, and manhwa on the planet, Webtoon has over 72 million readers (per Make Use Of) thanks to its daily release of new titles, a wide array of genres, original content and a user-friendly interface.

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Whether looking for sports, comedy, romance, action, superheroes, horror comics, or even sharing their own original story via Webtoon Canvas, the app generates recommendations based on a user’s tastes and history and curates a tailor-made reading list for each user. Mega-popular and more comprehensive than any webcomic app, Webtoon remains the cream of the crop.


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Another mega-popular webcomic app includes Manta, a 4.5-star rated app with over 1 million downloads. The app with a subscription upgrade provides countless comics from around the world with accessible translations, allowing fans to binge-read until their heart’s content.

With 24-hour Free Pass comics, daily calendar releases, exclusive original content, zero ads, and a massive selection of manga and manhwa, it’s easy to see why so many people use the app with such high frequency. Manta provides at least half of each comic for free before a small subscription fee is required to access new chapters, which is more valuable than most pay-per-chapter apps.


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For indie comic enthusiasts specifically, Tapas is the most comprehensive webcomic app around. Tapas hosts 61.4K creators and boasts 1.6 million content “episodes” that include unique indie webcomics, webnovels, manga, mahwah, and a lot more, using a “freemium” financial model that offers many comics for free, others partially free, and some for a cost.

Whether looking to pour through such acclaimed indie original titles and beloved graphic novels like Heartstopper and Navillera or such esteemed international hits as Solo Leveling and Positively Yours, Tapas has unparalleled diversity in its catalog sure to keep webcomic fans busy for weeks and months on end.


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With free comics and over 1,000 new chapters released daily, Webcomics is another popular app featuring an enormous library of American comics, Japanese manga, Chinese comics, Korean manwha, and more. With over 5 million Google Play downloads and a 4.8-star Apple Store rating, fans have praised the app for its extensive catalog, giant selection of genres, several language translations, and more.

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With exclusive original content, a Creator 101 submission portal for budding artists to use, personalized recommendations, and comics created by the most talented writers and illustrators in the world, Webcomics has everything from Bride of theDawn and The Last Hero to The Devil Butler and My Enchanting Harp Goddess.


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While its library may not be as deep as Webtoon or Tapas, Tappytoon is one of the easiest webcomics apps to navigate for beginners and expert readers alike. With over 1 million Google Play downloads and a 4.3-star Apple Store rating, the app offers free daily chapters of popular Korean webcomics to entice customers before making purchases, provides a wealth of daily updates, and features loads of popular action titles and bestselling romance webcomics, and everything in between.

Whether searching for BL/GL, fantasy, comedy, high school, horror, or slice-of-life graphic novels and webcomics, Tappytoon features excellent stories with gorgeous artwork, allows users to gain points for free by watching ads, features a convenient dark mode for marathon nighttime reading sessions, and even features crossover material from publishers like NetComics.

Viz Manga

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Boasting a 4.8-star Google Play and 4.9-star App Store rating, Viz Manga is a preferred destination for digital comic consumers. Hosting the biggest titles in manga history from One Piece and My Hero Academia to Naruto and Death Note, Viz Manga boasts the largest library of manga titles for every connoisseur to enjoy.

Despite the lack of in-app features, the low monthly subscription for Viz Manga allows readers to binge on their favorite titles for much more of a bargain than its rivals. Between the value, quality of titles, and straightforward functionality, Viz Manga continues to join the conversation as one of the most popular webcomic apps in 2023.


A INKR Comics app display is shown

Formerly known as Manga Rock, INKR Comics features an exhaustive collection of manga, Manwha, comics, and webtoons that has an equivalent 4.3-star rating on Google Play and the App Store. With over 1,000 unique titles, INKR hosts small yet acclaimed indie comic books and big popular webtoon titles across a huge swath of genres sure to keep readers glued to the screen for hours.

The app also features personalized recommendations, exclusive originals that can’t be found anywhere else, and offers seamless previews of stories and chapters to browse before committing to them, and comes with a very easily navigable UI that makes browsing fun and immersive.

Graphite Comics

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A newer addition to the fold, Graphite Comics is a well-received webcomic app that features an impressive roster of comic books, manga, graphic novels, webtoons, and strips. With over 100,000 downloads and a 3.7-star Google Play rating, the niche app has grown tremendously since launching in 2019.

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With titles from such acclaimed publishers as Dark Horse Comics, Valiant, Boom! Studios, IDW, Dynamite, Top Cow, Legendary, TOKYOPOP, Papercutz, Aspen, and many more, Graphite has been lauded for its extensive collection and smoother functionality than most of its rivals. The in-app purchases are far less pervasive and the UI is effortless to utilize.

Marvel Unlimited

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As MCU continues to rule the galaxy, fans are sure to find immense value in Marvel Unlimited, the brand’s premium digital comic subscription service ($9.99 per month). Fans can gain instant access to over 30,000 Marvel titles dating back 80 years by downloading the app, which has already eclipsed 5 million on Google Play alone.

The highly-rated Marvel Unlimited app has all the resources at its disposal to ensure a seamless interface, enjoyable user experience, and an addictive trove of some of the most acclaimed and bestselling Marvel comic books ever written in one centrally located place accessible at the touch of a button. With a new update on Jan. 4, 2023, Marvel Unlimited promises to stay fresh and efficient at all times.

Lezhin Comics

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With over 5 million Google Play downloads alone, Lezhin Comics is often considered the leading app for romance webtoons. While some have lamented the navigational tools, others praise how the app uses a “Wait Until Free” format that rewards keys to unlock new chapters to go with a coin-earning reward system. Regardless, most agree that the app has the biggest collection of original romance webtoons in one place.

Lezhin Comics also features new releases every day, weekly sales, exclusive titles, and even genres that expand beyond romance, ensuring something for every webcomic enthusiast. Users can even sync their reading progress across multiple devices, making the app more convenient than many of its rivals.

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