10 Best Apps For Comic Book Readers & Creators

10 Best Apps For Comic Book Readers & Creators

With recent comic book-based blockbusters like DC’S Black Adam and Marvel’s Wakanda Forever dominating the cinematic landscape at the moment, it is hard to underestimate the impact of comic books on popular culture today. Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there has been an influx of new comic book readers. This increase in readers of the comic medium has been in line with the increase in technology that allows the most fervent comic book reader to consume all the Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and whatever else kind of comic book they could want at any given point, anywhere.

Also, the rise in the prevalence of comic book apps has been helpful on the creator side as well; now there are numerous apps for the burgeoning comic book creator and/or artists to create whatever their imagination holds, all on their mobile devices.




WebComics and its Webtoon & Manga section is an app that provides users with Manga, comics, manhwa, comic book, and anime series. The app offers the latest American comics as well as the newest Japanese Manga, Korean Comic, and Chinese Manhwa.

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The organization of the app is very clear and easy to use. Webcomics uses a currency called Ink that users can gain from watching ads on the site. The Ink money is then used to read other works that are not free.

Strip Designer

Strip Designer

Strip Designer is where users can create their own comics from beginning to end. There are no in-app purchases so all the features come included and there are over 100 templates to choose from to start comic book creators off or users can create their own. For the images in the creator’s comic, users can choose from their own photos or draw their own images.

To make the comic fit the creator’s aesthetic, app users can apply filters, paint on and mask photos for atmosphere, style, and retouching. There is also the ability to use 3D warped text with thick borders and gradient color-fill to really give the comics a pop.



On Libby, the app comes with comic book audiobooks so busy readers can listen to comic books on their daily commutes. Also, there are hundreds of comics to browse on Libby, fulfilling all comic book lovers’ tastes and preferences.

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To allow for easier reading, the app enables users to change text sizes and backgrounds. Moreover, the audiobooks can be adjusted for speed. Another great feature of the app is the sleep timer on Libby that enables an audiobook to be turned off automatically on its own.

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics, the publisher behind Hellboy, the comic-turned-hit show Umbrella Academy, The Legend of Korra, and The Witcher in addition to other famous titles, has a stellar app that gives users access to its well-known and adored bibliography.

Users can bundle comics and get a discount, while the app offers the capability to download comics to read offline. Also, there is a feature that allows the sharing of someone’s favorite comic panels on social media.


The user interface of the Inkwork app.

Inkwork is an app that focuses on the creation of artwork for any comic book creator’s work. With a very inventive feature, Inkwork allows users to convert photos into ink drawings or cartoon images. Users can even use their own photos to transform into a comic book-friendly style.

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With 90 style variations with multiple ink and paper colors to choose from, Inkwork enables users to print their art and have it delivered to them. Also, users can share their art created on the app on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

DC Universe Infinite

The user interface of DC Universe app.

Lovers of Batman can celebrate the Dark Knight with DC Universe Infinite. Offering its catalog of comics, this DC comics-centric app is a premium comics subscription service that has the largest collection of DC Comics in one place.

Users can save their favorites in their own library called MyDC library. Moreover, there is an enhanced comic reader that makes reading the plentiful amount of titles a breeze thanks to the user-friendly interface. Users can join with a free seven-day trial as well.

Comic Draw By Plasq

Comic Draw By Plasq

To make a comic book, Comic Draw by Plasq is an A-plus app. From numerous brushes, textures, color palettes, and fonts to choose from, there is no limit to what a comic book creator can create.

The basic app offers the viewing and sharing of created comics while an in-app purchase gives full access to editing capabilities, so if a user is especially involved in editing, it may pay to make an in-app purchase. For those who enjoy drawing, there are some fantastic drawing apps for Apple Pencil and iPad in addition to Comic Draw by Plasq.

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics App

Any Marvel head will love this comic book app that spans the many varied stories of Marvel’s universe. Beloved favorites like Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man are on full display on the Marvel Comics app in addition to great series from renowned creators like the cameo-loving Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Jonathan Hickman among many others.

Users can choose between a guided view option that takes users through an animated panel-by-panel representation of the comic or users can read using regular device controls. Download any comic and the reader can have it with them wherever they are.


Canva App

User-friendly Canva offers a ton of features that even the newest beginner can easily get the handle on how to make their very own comic. There are pre-made templates to choose from that users can then edit to their liking.

For the more advanced comic creator, there is the option to create a comic from scratch where text, shapes, characters, backgrounds, call-outs, stickers, and images among other components can be implemented. Canva is a great option to use for those who want to share the comics they create; the app allows users to share through email or social media along with publishing their own work online or downloading their creations.



The be all end all to comic book apps, Comixology offers its users a selection of more than 230,000 digital comics, manga, and graphic novels from such comic book giants as Marvel, DC, and, Dark Horse among the comic book publishers Viz, Kodansha, Image, and even works from the app’s own Comixology Originals.

For easy reading, there is a guided view option. Further, comics are downloadable to be read offline, perfect for the frequent flyer who wants to read comics on their flights but has to put their device on airplane mode.

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